Six Invitational Qualifier teams have been determined!

01/05/2017 12:00 PM

The open stage of the Six Invitational qualifier has ended, and the participants of the closed stage have been determined. Below you will find the teams that will fight for their spots at the final tournament, with a prize pool of US$200,000.

The open qualifiers took place in December. After a few weekends of the Rainbow Six: Siege competition, we are ready to present you with a full list of teams which will try to qualify for the Six Invitational tournament. These qualifiers will take place on January 7-8th. The final qualifier will be played out in four different regions, Europe, North America, Asia, and Latin America, and across two different platforms, Xbox One and PC.

Participants of the EU Xbox One Final Qualifier:

Qualifier #1: Lucky7.Gaming

Qualifier #2: Barrage eSports

Qualifier #3: Supremacy

Qualifier #3: Osterity

Participants of the NA Xbox One Final Qualifier:

Qualifier #1: Team Allegiance

Qualifier #2: Lethal Gaming

Qualifier #3: SoaR Gaming

Qualifier #3: SetToDestroyX

Participants of the LATAM Xbox One Final Qualifier:

Qualifier #1: Chapecoense

Qualifier #2: Brazilian Killers e-Sports

Qualifier #3: DEX.United

Qualifier #3: First e-Sports

Participants of the EU PC Final Qualifier:

Qualifier #1: EURONICS Gaming

Qualifier #2: PENTA Sports

Qualifier #3: gBots

Qualifier #3: Playing Ducks

Participants of the NA PC Final Qualifier:

Qualifier #1: eRa Eternity

Qualifier #2: FlipSid3 Tactics

Qualifier #3: Ferocity Esports

Qualifier #3: Astral Authority

Participants of the Asia PC Final Qualifier:

Qualifier #1: Envy

Qualifier #2: Team1122

Qualifier #3: Liberty

Qualifier #4: Dynamo uFF

Participants of the LATAM PC Final Qualifier:

Qualifier #1: Santos Dexterity

Qualifier #2: Nyx Erebo

Qualifier #3: paiN Gaming

Qualifier #3: BRK

Four best teams from the open qualifiers will take part in the Final stage on each platform and in each region. Double elimination bracket will be used in the closed qualifier with all matches being played in a best-of-three format. In the grand final of the closed qualifier, the team from the Winners Bracket will have a 1-0 map advantage over the LB team. Winner of each closed qualifier will take a spot at the Six Invitational in Montreal.

The PC closed qualifier is scheduled for January 7th, while the Xbox One closed qualifier will take place one day later, on January 8th. European matches will be kicking off at 2PM CET, while North America first round will be starting at 4PM EST/1PM PST.

Brackets can be found here:

The Final Qualifiers for the Six Invitational will be streamed live. You will be able to watch those tournaments here.

Tickets for the Six Invitational are already on sale. Those are available here starting at $30.

For more information on the Six Invitational, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and you can join the discussion on the official subreddit and forums.

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