Six Invitational Day 3 Preview

01/30/2017 12:00 PM

This is part three of a series of preview blogs, please check out our Day 2 Preview blog posted previously.

Day Three of the Six Invitational on February 5, 2017 brings you the finals to determine who the world champion will be on Xbox One and PC. Additionally, you will be treated to a full day of teaser panels for our Year 2 Roadmap, the full Velvet Shell reveal, and a live show match!

Remember, you’ll be able to watch everything from the Six Invitational on February 3-5 on our Twitch and YouTube channels.


Day 3 Competition Details

The third and final day of competition is going to be the climax of months of competition. We will be crowning a grand final champion on Xbox One and PC who will not only take home the title, but also a share of the total $200,000! We have no idea who we will see in the grand finals, but this will be the best of the best finding out who’s the best of the best. For more information on our competing teams, check out this blog.

Group photo

From left to right: Xavier Marquis (Creative Director), Jalal El Mansouri (Technical Architect), Genevieve Forget (Product Manager), Simon Laforge (Game Designer), Justin Kruger (Community Developer), Nadjib Sellali (Level Designer).

Not Pictured: Alexandre Remy (Brand Director)

Year 2 Roadmap Panel

Host: Genevieve Forget (Product Manager)

Panelists: Xavier Marquis (Creative Director), Alexandre Remy (Brand Director), Jalal El Mansouri (Technical Architect).

Approximate Time: 10:15AM EST

Before we crown our first grand final champion, we are taking a look at the year ahead of us. We’ll be sharing our vision for Year 2 and a tease of some of the features that will be coming to Siege. This is going to be a big moment for us as we want to show you how much we care about this game, and our community.

Velvet Shell Full Reveal and Live Show Match

Host: Justin Kruger (Community Developer)

Panelists: Nadjib Sellali (Level Designer), Simon Laforge (Game Designer), Serenity17 (community streamer)

Approximate Time: 1:15PM EST

Our final panel of the day will be the full reveal of the new Operators, and new Map deploying to Rainbow Six Siege in Velvet Shell. This is going to be our first operation in Year 2, and we’ll be going into detail about EVERYTHING. The new abilities, tactical strategies on the new map, and of course, the live show match with our community leaders

For more information and updates, please visit the Six Invitational Hub and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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