Closed Beta Starts September 24th On All Platforms

23/09/2015 02:16 PM

It’s been a few months since our last major test during the Closed Alpha, and we’re excited and humbled to bring the game back to you to test on all platforms, with new and updated content for the Closed Beta which starts tomorrow around 9am Eastern (exact times may vary depending on region) and will run through Thursday, October 1st. We know this is a relatively short testing period, but we decided that this would be enough time to identify the issues we need to address without tying up our development team for too long as they work to ship the game for a December 1st launch.

The main objective of the Closed Beta is to test the online infrastructure & matchmaking with the largest number of players we’ve had in the game to date. Please keep in mind that while we are seeing positive results from the technical test from the last few days, you will, at times, experience some connectivity and matchmaking problems. This is expected, and you’re helping us test these things so we know what we needs to be fixed to provide the best possible experience when the game launches. Thank you for your patience with this. Known issues, emergency outages, and server maintenance times will all be communicated on the official forums and subreddit so please pay attention to those places for the latest info. Below the introduction of this post you will find a list of known connectivity issues we are working on at the moment.

Players will be granted access in waves to allow us to test server stability so we can optimize the player experience during the Beta. We’ll be adding new people every day, so be sure to check your email regularly. We will still be following your feedback closely to look at ways we can tweak and improve the game, an effort that will continue even once the game is out. You can check the FAQ if you have any questions about the Closed Beta, and be sure to dig into our in-depth game guide where you can dig deeper on the content.  

Click here to read the official Closed Beta game guide

The Closed Beta content is a small sample of the full scope of the game, but it allows us to continue testing the core gameplay loops. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the main connectivity issues you may encounter when you play:

The Situation Report (SITREP)

Throughout the Closed Beta, we will be communicating all known issues on this thread in the forums. Please check that thread before submitting a bug report, we will also be providing workarounds if they are available. If your issue is not listed, please leave a bug report with as much information as possible on the forums, or contact customer support for direct assistance.

Here are the main issues you may encounter related to connectivity and matchmaking. Thank you for your help in helping us identify and correct these before launch:

  • You have about a 60% chance to start a match successfully. Average awaiting time is 60 seconds.

If you’re not able to join a game under 90 seconds, we recommend you to quit the lobby and try again until you succeed. 

  • Once you have played a full match, you will be automatically re-queued to join another match. When this occurs, matchmaking success rate is 10% to 20% lower.

If you’re re-queued and you don’t find a game in under 60 seconds, go back to game menu and start matchmaking again.

  • When trying to join a match as a full party, the percentage of success rate is lower than when joining a match as a single individual.
  • You might be faced with different error messages (error 50 being a recurrent one). We are currently investigating the nature and how to fix these errors. 

When facing these errors, we ask you to restart the game.

Now, let’s move on to the content you’ll be playing in the Closed Beta:

The Operators

Operators are specialists with their own specific areas of expertise within Siege operations. You and your team will have to carefully select which operators you choose to fit your individual playstyles, and which combinations fit the strategy you’re trying to employ. The Closed Beta will feature 14 unique operators from five counter-terrorist units, along with a recruit option from each.



 GSG 9 and Spetsnaz CTUs will be available publicly for the first time, which includes operators like Fuze and his cluster charge that blows out enemies on the other side of a wall, or IQ and her electronics detector.

The Modes

Competitive Multiplayer (PvP)

  • TDM — Secure Area: Defenders are housing a biochemical agent at an objective location on the map. Attackers must locate the biochemical agent and take over the position for at least 10 consecutive seconds, or eliminate the enemy team to win. Defenders must prevent this from happening within the time limit, or eliminate the attackers to win.
  • TDM — Bomb: Bombs have been placed at two objective locations on the map. Attackers must defuse one of the two bombs, or eliminate the enemy team, before the time limit runs out in order to win. Defenders can win by preventing attackers from defusing a bomb in time, disabling a defusal in progress, or eliminating the enemy team.

Cooperative Multiplayer (PvE) - Begins Sept. 25th

  • Terrorist Hunt Classic:  The fan favorite game mode will be available publicly for the first time in Siege! You and up to four other players will team up to neutralize all enemy tangos within the map area in order to win.  You will be able to choose from three difficulty settings to adjust your challenge: Normal, Hard and Realistic. Enemy AI archetypes and fortification elements in the environment will scale and change depending on difficulty.
    • Siege Games Participants (US only): Your scores will only count while playing this game mode. You can play as many times as you’d like to improve your score. Winners will be contacted after the Closed Beta ends. For more information, visit the Siege Games website.

The Maps

All three maps will be playable Day or Night on both PvP and PvE game modes. The Game Guide releasing next week here on the blog will include details and floor plans for each map.




Set in the suburbs of the United States, the House is the smallest of all maps featured in the game, but Rainbow Six Siege is all about short range confrontations and indoor environments, and it’s a prime example of destructive depth and replayability.



Hereford Base is the home of the legendary SAS counter-terrorist unit, and also secretly houses Team Rainbow. Rainbow’s training house on the ground is essentially a square building, but the layout differs on each floor, creating a wide variety of breach and defense opportunities and engagement situations.




The Consulate is located in Abidjan, the economic capitol of Ivory Coast. While the exterior is surrounded by beautiful gardens, the large and sprawling building is a fortress. While imposing, its large size can create a challenge for defenders as it offers many different entry points for the attacking team.

See You Soon

We’re looking forward to seeing all of you in the largest public test of Rainbow Six Siege to date. Stay tuned early next week for an in-depth game guide that will cover all of the Closed Beta content in detail.

Join us on the official subreddit or forums to leave your feedback and meet other members of the community. And don’t forget to pay attention to Twitch and YouTube to see video content from the Closed Beta. We’ll be monitoring all of these areas, along with Twitter and Facebook, for your feedback. 

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