Pro League Season 3 Kick Off!

30/08/2016 09:00 AM

There is no greater feeling than the intensity of a clutch round in Rainbow Six Siege, except if that round just won you the Rainbow Six Pro League championship. Season 2 of the Rainbow Six Pro League was filled with this intensity and amazing passion from the teams. This manifested in an incredible catalyst with Denial Esports and Yunktis winning the Xbox One and PC championships, respectively.

Congratulations to both Denial and Yunktis!

With 32 teams having earned their place in the Pro League for Season 3, we have a breakdown of what you can expect for the upcoming Season!

The Schedule

Following suit with previous Seasons, Xbox One matches will take place on Mondays, and PC will be held on Thursdays. The streams start each day on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel at 1PM EDT for Europe games, and 8PM EDT for North America.

The Pro League will kick off with the first Xbox One matches on August 29th. A few days later, you will have a chance to see the PC teams in action on September 1st.

Much like before, teams will play the best of two for 7 weeks in a row. The selection for the finals is calculated on a points system, with the top two teams on each platform from each region traveling to the championship. Winning both matches will net three points, a draw results in one point for each team, and teams that lose both matches earn zero points.

Be sure to follow the Rainbow Six Twitch channel so you never miss a match! You can get updates on all things Rainbow Six Pro League related by following our @Rainbow6Game & @R6ProLeague Twitter and Facebook pages.

The Teams

With the same four divisions as before, the following 32 teams will be in the Pro League:




Search Orga

PENTA Sports



Euronics Gaming




FlipSid3 Tactics

Ferocity eSports

Addiction Gaming

LunatiK eSports


Biggity Boo Bop





Team Infused

Rift Gaming

Team Vitality


U4X eSports



Denial eSports

Strictly Business



Noble eSports


Team eLevate

Engaged Gaming

Season 3 Pro League Skins


In addition to Season 3 starting, we are excited to announce that we will be expanding the availability of the Pro League Gold sets! These Gold sets will be available on Jäger, Fuze, Twitch and Thatcher. You will be able to pick up the Gold Dust Line Weapon skin, Gold Operator Chibi, and Gold Operator Headgear for £7.99 each. If you want to expand your options, you can purchase all four sets for £15.99.


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