A closer look at the Six Invitational qualified teams

16/01/2017 06:00 PM

The Six Invitational will be the most international Rainbow Six: Siege tournament yet. Twelve teams from all around the globe will have a chance to take home their share of the $200 000 prize pool. Meet those, who will come to Montreal on February 3-5 to compete!

Six Invitational - Xbox One

Qualified Teams Xbox One

Lethal Gaming

Lethal Gaming was one of the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 competitor. However, the roster that managed to win the Six Invitational qualifier is completely different, only keeping KenZ and RaMz - changing the roster (to get Easily and DuckYzZ) in the team came out to be a solution for Lethal’s problems. Bringing in fresh blood let Lethal made it to the Final Qualifier of the Six Invitational where they were simply unbeatable.

Who knows, maybe in Montreal they will prove they can be the next North American powerhouse.

Lucky7 Gaming

Lucky7Gaming is an up-and-coming French squad. They have been around the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro scene playing prior on PlayStation 4, but only switch to Xbox this summer, too late to qualify for the Pro League. In the Six Invitational they will finally have a chance to play among the best and compete for real prize money.

Lucky7 performance in the Final Qualifier was stunning though. Not only they took down Supremacy in the WB semi, but later on kicked that team out of the qualifier.

Next step for Lucky7 will be the Six Invitational in Montreal, where they might be treated as an underdog.

LATAM Qualifier - Dex.UNITED

"Our hope is to be champion or grab a very positive place," stated Daniel "Legendz" Ferreira, head of escalation Xbox One as Dexterity managed to pull out the double - qualifying both their Xbox and PC teams.

"We have the idea that they are much better organized tactically than any LATAM teams.” said Gohan about the international teams “Certainly our challenge will be read and their strategies and get prepared there,".Their strength is their commitment to the tactics, our improvisation is very strong and this may be our difference," added the player.

ANZ Cup Winner - MindFreak

MindFreak has formed during the beta and two of the original members remains so far: Dizzle and Pun. They recruited Acez, Rolphy and Flanked after they proved to be both amazing opponents and partners. Fan of competition, MindFreak (previously The Cursed Legion) jumped on the opportunity to be part of the ANZ Cup who was shortly after revealed to be a qualifier for the Six Invitational. They will represent Oceania as the first Australian team to fight for their region in a worldwide tournament.

Six Invitational - PC

Qualified Teams PC

eRa Eternity

eRa Eternity stepped into the world of Rainbow Six: Siege in early January of 2017 acquiring Most Wanted, one of the best North American squads. Their line-up consists of many well-known and experienced players. Having that strong roster, including players who took part in many Season Finals and Rainbow Six Pro League, makes eRa one of the highest ranked R6 NA team at the moment.

For players like Kanine and Snake-nade it will be another chance to represent NA and compete on the international scene. In the Final Qualifier eRa went up against Astral Authority, Ferocity and FlipSid3 and took down all of them.

Undoubtedly, eRa Gaming will be one of favourites for the upcoming $200 000 tournament in Montreal, Canada.

Euronics Gaming

EURONICS Gaming is a team that proves frequent taking part in online cups and having a stable line-up might take you to the next level. First step for the Swedish squad was qualifying and competing in the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3. Second is getting to the final stage of the Six Invitational.

Having gBots, Playing Ducks, PENTA Sports and EURONICS Gaming in the Final EU PC Qualifier for the Six Invitational made it really tough to predict who will make it to Montreal. EURONICS’ efforts were all worth it as they took all opponents down.

With EURONICS, the Six Invitational will be even more gripping.


Representing the Asia Region is Envy. The pack decided to play Rainbow Six Siege purely just for fun. This is where they met Lim "Reveck" together they formed up Envy and played together on pubs. The Rainbow Six Asia Community Cups was announced thus the point which Envy became serious.

In the first Rainbow Six Asia Community Cups, numerous teams across Asia participated to find out who is Asia's Solid performing team in R6, Envy made a quick work on securing their place on the finals of that tournament.

As the Community Cups passed, Envy honed their skills as they are aware that there are other teams they should watch out for if they are to get the spot for Montreal, In the end, the nights of hard work in training payed out as they successfully secured their Spot for Invitational Finals.

Santos Dexterity

Santos was one of the first football clubs in the world to join esports. The Santos Football Club partnered with Dexterity Team in August 2015 and since then the shield has been in the midst of national and international electronic sports competitions.

"We're going to be first. That's the expectation," jabbed William "Gohan" Alf, captain Santos.DeX PC.

The Six Invitational tournament is the one you cannot miss. It will be a weekend of Rainbow Six: Siege and you can be part of it. If you want to visit the Six Invitational visit this page to get to know more about the tickets which are already on sale!

For more information about the Six Invitational, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and join the discussion on the official subreddit and forums.


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