Six Invitational Day 2 Preview

26/01/2017 12:00 PM

This is part two of a series of preview blogs, please check out our Day 1 Preview blog posted previously.

Day Two of the Six Invitational on February 4, 2017 brings you another exciting day of competition with a full day of teaser panels for our Year 2 Season 1 Map and Operators deploying in Velvet Shell.

Remember, you’ll be able to watch everything from the Six Invitational on February 3-5 on our Twitch and YouTube channels.


Day 2 Competition Details

The second day of the Six Invitational has a ton of exciting matches. The winners of Day 1 will clash with the invited teams who have earned their spots through past championships and Pro League competitions. This is going to be some incredible and high level competition that you do not want to miss! For more information on these teams, check out this blog.

Group photo

From left to right: Louis-Phillipe Dion (Audio Director), Simon Laforge (Game Designer), Myles Kerwin (Level Designer), Nadjib Sellali (Level Designer), Alexandre Ouimet (Physics Programmer), Genevieve Forget (Product Manager).

Not Pictured: Justin Kruger (Community Developer), Jean-Baptiste Halle (Game Designer), Jalal El Mansouri (Technical Architect).

Velvet Shell Operator Teaser Panel

Host: Justin Kruger (Community Developer)

Panelists: Simon Laforge (Game Designer), Jean-Baptiste Halle (Game Designer), Macie_Jay (community streamer) 

Approximate Time: 12:45PM EST

The Operators in Velvet Shell, bring an entirely new dynamic to attack and defense. This panel will preview the upcoming operators by taking discussing the theory behind them, while showing off their new loadouts. We won’t be revealing everything in this panel, so be sure to tune in to the full reveal on Day Three.

Velvet Shell Map and Features Teaser Panel

Host: Justin Kruger (Community Developer)

Panelists: Myles Kerwin (Level Designer), Nadjib Sellali (Level Designer), Punjistick (community streamer).

Approximate Time: 3:35PM EST

Two of our level designers will be diving into our new map, Coastline, and will be revealing a few behind-the-scenes details of what you can expect. Additionally, we’ll be chatting about a few new features coming your way in Velvet Shell. We won’t be revealing everything in this panel, so be sure to tune in to the full reveal on Day Three.

Tech Q&A

Host: Genevieve Forget (Product Manager)

Panelists: Jalal El Mansouri (Technical Architect), Louis-Phillipe Dion (Audio Director), Alexandre Ouimet (Physics Programmer).

Approximate Time: 5:25PM EST

The technical systems of Rainbow Six Siege are an integral part of what sets Siege apart from other games. Our three incredible panelists will be taking questions about procedural destruction, sound propagation, and the technical architecture of the game. They will be taking questions from audience members at the Six Invitational, and a few from online.

For more information and updates, please visit the Six Invitational Hub and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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