Announcing Qualifiers for Rainbow Six Pro League Year 2 Season 1!

02/14/2017 04:00 PM

This year, for the first time, we will see three regions competing in the Rainbow Six Pro League on PC: Europe, North America, and Brazil. As announced earlier, we are also introducing the Challenger League. Please keep in mind that all mentioned tournaments are for all players aged 18 and above. Find below qualifiers details.

Invited teams

Not every team will have to go through the qualifiers. The best teams of Rainbow Six Siege will get direct invites. Those will be handed out based on results from the SIX INVITATIONAL and our previous Season of Pro League. The invited teams will be revealed soon.

Open qualifiers

As we want to develop the Rainbow Six Pro League and the Rainbow Six: Siege scene itself, this season are also running open qualifiers to let new talent shine. In other words, everyone gets a chance to qualify in our competition program. Two tournaments will take place with first of them scheduled for February 18th.

Open Qualifier #1 - February 18th

  • Single elimination BO1
  • Decider games BO3
  • 2 teams qualify for the Final Qualifier

Open Qualifier #2 - February 25th

  • Single elimination BO1
  • Decider games BO3
  • 4 teams qualify for the Final Qualifier

European Qualifiers:

North American Qualifiers:

Final Qualifier

The Final Qualifier in each region will feature 8 teams and will take place on March 4-5th. Six of them will earn their spots through online open tournaments. Last two will get direct invitations to the closed phase.

  • 2 invited teams
  • 6 qualified teams
  • Double elimination bracket
  • BO3 matches
  • 4 teams qualify for the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 1 2017

Challenger League

As mentioned before, we are introducing the Challenger League. The remaining 4 teams from the Final Qualifier which did not make it to the Pro League will automatically earn spots in the Challenger League.

The list of teams participating in the Challenger League will be filled with teams from an Open Tournament which will be happening on March 7th and 9th. The two best teams from each of them will earn the final spots in the Challenger League.

Good luck, and have fun, to all our competitors!

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