[2017-05-18] Let's Play - HEADER

Let’s Play Presents: 5 Guys, 4 Hunts

05/19/2017 09:00 AM

Check out our new friends Achievement Hunter playing Rainbow Six Siege:

Recent News


Announcing the Rainbow Six Pro League APAC

After LATAM at the beginning of the year, APAC is the next region to be included in the Rainbow Six Pro League.

28/06/201709:00 AM

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Introduction to the Data Peek: Velvet Shell Statistics

As announced at the Season 1 Finals, we will be introducing for the first time a Data Peek for Year 2 Season 1 statistics.

27/06/201712:00 PM

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[2017-06-27] Canada Day Challenge - THUMB

Canada Day Challenge

Celebrate Canada Day with the Ubisoft Club Challenge. Win 10 rounds with JTF-2 to unlock the Canadian Roundel charm.

06/27/201709:00 AM

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[2017-06-27] Capitao Headgear Bundle - THUMB


Get lost in the jungle with the Capitão Loreto Set.

27/06/201710:00 AM

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[2017-06-27] Glaz Birthday - THUMB

Glaz Birthday Challenge

Wish Glaz a happy birthday with the Ubisoft Club Challenge.

27/06/201709:00 AM

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[2017-06-23] Scorched Headgear Bundle - THUMB

Scorched Headgear Bundle

Search and rescue with the Scorched Headgear Bundle. Unlocks the Scorched headgear for Mute, Sledge, Smoke and Thatcher.

06/23/201712:00 PM

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[2017-06-20] Summer Solstice Challenge - THUMB

Summer Solstice Challenge

Celebrate Summer Solstice with the Ubisoft Club Challenge.

06/20/201709:00 AM

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[2017-06-20] Happy Birthday Thatcher Challenge - THUMB

Thatcher Birthday Challenge

Wish Thatcher a happy birthday with the Ubisoft Club Challenge.

06/20/201709:00 AM

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Technical Test Server Info + Known Issues

The TTS will be back this week! We are currently focused on One Step Matchmaking, Hit Boxes, Alpha Packs, and Spawn Killing.

06/13/201712:00 PM

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[2017-06-13] Elite Blackbeard Set - THUMB


Blackbeard's Elite set is now available.

06/13/201709:00 AM

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