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Closed Alpha vs. Closed Beta

03/23/2015 08:30 AM

Starting Out Small and Ramping Up Toward Launch

Today we started a promotion where, by pre-ordering the game, you’ll be guaranteed access to a closed beta that we’ll be having in the future for all platforms. With the closed alpha on PC right around the corner, we wanted to explain the difference between the two.

Our Closed Alpha is a very early testing period with limited content and participation so that we can focus on validating our core gameplay and test the foundation of our online infrastructure. It’s also only available on PC and in a limited number of territories so that we can test the water and evaluate what works and what still needs improvement.

The Closed Beta, which includes all platforms, is the logical next step. Taking place sometime after the closed alpha when we’ve had time to analyze and act, it will have more content, better optimization and polish, and will be open to many more players.

The Closed Alpha and the Closed Beta will help us to build a stable experience and to playtest game elements on a very large scale. Whether you’re testing early on PC during the closed alpha, or helping us validate the experience once we open on all platforms, we’re looking forward to interacting with you and working together to make Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege the best it can be at launch.

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Chase “Electr1cPanda” Straight - Community Developer, Ubisoft Montreal
Chase is a goofy American ex-pat living in Canada who loves music, DJing, blogging, and obviously gaming for hours. No discrimination here, Chase loves consoles as much as playing on his homebuilt gaming rig. Say hi and send cat pics (bonus points if they're wearing R6 gear) on Twitter at @R6ComDevs .

Genevieve "Livinpink" Forget - Community Developer, Ubisoft Montreal
Gen goes by the handle Livinpink in the gaming industry. She is known for her involvement in multiple competitive gaming communities through her work as eSports media and personality. She participates in weekly livestreamed Dungeons and Dragons sessions. She also tweets from @R6ComDevs.


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