What is Rainbow Six Siege?

Discover the most tactical FPS on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Choose your operators for intense 5v5 team matches on one of our numerous iconic maps.

Know your operators

For each phase of the game, choose one of the 30+ attacking or defensive operators, each with his own specific gadget and playstyle.
Build the best team possible by selecting operators that complete each other.

Answer a few questions to get a recommendation on
what Attacker and what Defender you should start with.

Operator recommendation tool

1/4 What is your online PvP shooter experience?
2/4 Do you prefer moving constantly or taking your time/holding a point?
3/4 Do you usually communicate with your teamates when playing online?
4/4 Do you usually learn easily the maps and game patterns?

Please select an answer.

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Based on your answers, we recommend you to start with one of the following operators:





Know your maps

New to the game, or still struggling to learn the maps and where to focus your attention? Check out these map guides to help you take your first steps in Rainbow Six Siege!

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Want more in-depth tips and strategies on Maps, Operators and tactics? R6Academy is a community platform to share and learn together.
Check out videos made by players, or share your own, and learn more about the gameplay strategies and experience.

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