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The Bosak Tempest
Elzbieta Bosak

Elzbieta Bosak is the newest addition to Team Rainbow. Nicknamed Ela, this driven 30-year-old has had an unconventional progression. Having quickly risen among Poland’s Special Forces, she was deployed in six countries and active in Iraq for seven years.

Her exploits should come as no surprise, considering that she is the youngest daughter of Jan Bosak, a former commander of Poland’s counter-terrorism unit GROM. Despite this legacy, Ela is not the stiff soldier one would expect.


Originally from Wrocław, Ela’s family history has deep roots within the city. Her grandfather was a Cichociemny, an elite paratrooper of the exiled Polish Army during WWII. After being captured during the Warsaw Uprising, he managed to escape and reach Wrocław, only to endure a three-month-long siege.

Ela shared that her grandfather had a significant role in her life. “I still carry a piece of his uniform everywhere I go.” Through his tales of war, he nurtured Ela’s defiant spirit and taught her that “higher damage is done by striking a supply chain than by neutralizing a man.” While these lessons made her a prolific Counter-IED Operator, Ela initially struggled to commit to the strict military lifestyle.



Ela experienced some difficulties while attending a military high school. She was bullied constantly due to the special attention she received as the GROM Commander’s daughter. Her records mention an incident six months before graduation, causing her expulsion. She had a short-lived transition in another academy, before her lack of attendance caused her to be transferred to a small local high school.

After graduation, she left Poland behind and set out for Berlin to experience life on her own terms. There she studied Fine Arts, but her interest started to fade as the appeal of her old life slowly caught up with her.

For hire & Unconventional

For hire

Ela was given a tempting offer when she made the acquaintance of the owner of a small private military company. Craving the adventure and financial independence, Ela accepted, hoping that her role as contractor would differ from the simplistic compliance she experienced at the military academy.


During her first years of deployment in Iraq, she gained a reputation on the field. Known to possess an impressive range of abilities, her attitude was the only obstacle standing in her way. While she was seen as a prized addition to any squad, her employers monitored her closely to investigate reports of authority issues.

After a rough operation in Bagdad, she received the news that her father had taken his own life.


“I don’t recall the night patrol that followed. I just remember clutching my grandfather’s uniform, trying to picture the last time I talked with my father”. This letter was the last account from home she received since she had left Poland, four years prior.



Months after her father’s death, Ela terminated her contract and trained relentlessly to pass the GROM selection as a civilian. Joining her father’s unit was her way to keep his memory close, and make amends.

Impressed by her determination and prowess on the field, the Polish forces took her in. Among the GROM, she developed an expertise in Countering Threat Networks (CTN), and helped design advanced Exploitation methods to extract Intel on a target’s intentions and supply routes.

One of her most well-known ventures is Operation Orange Sky. Joined by Valkyrie, SEAL’s Intel expert, Ela spent months infiltrating a warlord’s inner circle before dismantling his network without harming a single civilian. Her collaboration with SEAL proved so fruitful that she was tracked down by Team Rainbow—a first for this international group of elite specialists. It’s only a matter of time before we see what mark Ela leaves on the Bosak legacy.


Gadget Loadout


Unique ability

Inspired by the 1939 anti-tank Polish grenades used by the iconic Cichociemny during WWII, the sticky Grzmot mines can be anchored on surfaces, impairing hearing and causing a dizzying effect. These concussion mines are triggered upon proximity, affecting anyone within its radius.

This non-lethal explosive was specifically adapted to Ela, who is known to isolate targets from the local population to sabotage IED operations.

True to her iconic defiant nature, Ela has a signature move when severely injured: the ability to trigger one last concussion mine.

Primary:Scorpion EVO 3 A1


Gadget Barbed wire Impact Grenade

Speed: Fast

Armor: Light