Operation Phantom Sight

Sharpen your eyes with Operation Phantom Sight ! Become invisible to cameras and drones and move quietly with Nøkk and her Hel gadget. Watch your enemies through smokes and be immune to flashes with Warden and his Glance Smart Glasses. Rediscover Kafe as you have never seen it with the rework of the map.

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Lesion Elite Set

Lesion Elite Set

Lesion has never been more ready to jam the meridian. With his new prototype Elite set, he’s equipped to dish out some real venomous attacks. His opponents had better watch their step, because his new technology is the harbinger of a new age of science.

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Rainbow Six Siege Chibi Figurines Collectibles Series 3

Operators Caveira, Bandit, Ela, Twitch and Vigil are joining the SIX COLLECTION!

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Strike fear, infiltrate undercover, and gather intel with Nøkk from the Danish Jaeger Corps, and become expert in close-protection, preparation, and improvisation with Warden from US Secret Service.

R6 Operator - Nokk
R6 Operator - Warden