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12/07/2019 12:00 PM

We are excited to bring you another “Declassified”, a community spotlight for the content creators of the Rainbow Six Siege Community!

Don't forget to post your content with the #R6Community hashtag so we can share it in the future!

Howdy, partner! Saury_Dog did a fantastic job with this unique Showdown Event art!

Erich1091 is looking very sharp in this Warden cosplay! You did a phenomenal job putting this one together!
Twitter - Instagram

The level of detail put into this unique Jäger art piece is incredible! Well done, Mingo_Art! We don’t know what that ACOG is doing there, but we’ll let it slide for this one.
Instagram - reddit

Check out this vibrant Ela piece by natschbatsch! The colors used in this are so beautiful and breathtaking!
Twitter - Instagram

Kizeldraws and hanjosi collaborated to create this outstanding art piece of Mozzie and Gridlock!
KizelDraws Twitter - hanjosi’s Twitter

Elite Glaz is looking mighty dapper in this art by Fisukenka! Incredible work!
Twitter - Instagram

Give these amazing people a follow and share your feedback on reddit. Don't forget to show us your own creations under the #R6Community Hashtag on Twitter.

Check out the previous Declassified here.

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