2018 Another Mindset - An Esports Documentary

Watch the first mini-episode of the eSports documentary Another Mindset, in which Black Dragons CEO and team manager Cherrygumms reflects on her journey and shares the story of how Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege changed her life.

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Watch the Online Circuit every Saturday and Sunday of July at 8PM EST on Northern Arena's official channels.

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Rainbow Six Siege Chibi Figurines Collectibles Series 2

Operators Hibana, Sledge, Valkyrie, Jäger and Thermite are joining the SIX COLLECTION!

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Meet the new operators

For Operation Para Bellum, Team Rainbow recruits two of G.I.S.’ finest: Maestro and Alibi.

R6 Operator - Maestro
R6 Operator - Alibi

FPS Has a New Set of Rules


12/21/2017 12:00 PM