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01/07/2016 10:00 AM

We're back with another Community Spotlight! Coming fresh off of E3, we invited a select few fans to be a part of the Ubisoft Star Player program. Check out the Community Interview section where we are spotlighting one of these Star Players, Sergeant Wayne. We also have an packed July, which you can learn more about at the end of the blog. But first, enjoy these GIFs!


Top Plays

As always, we are scouring the Rainbow Six subreddit for the top plays submitted by the community. We love these GIFs, and we hope you do too!

One in a million

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When the stars (enemies) align

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Community Interview: SergeantWayne

Twitch streamer and Ubisoft Star Player SergeantWayne is a US Military Veteran. Having been a Twitch Streamer for about 13 months, SergeantWayne has built his channel on being first in fun, and Rainbow Six Siege. We're interviewing him today because of his dedication to the game, and the community! Learn more about him below, and give him a follow on his Twitter and Twitch channel!

You were just in Los Angeles for E3 as part of the Star Player program. What was that like? 

First off I will never be able to show the amount of gratitude I have for Ubisoft and everyone who had a hand in this trip. It was the experience of a lifetime. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this amazing group. I had so much fun. I also got to meet and become friends with so many great people. Some of these friendships and relationships, business and personal I can tell will last forever. It was an experience of a lifetime and I hope to be a big part of this community for a long time coming. Thank you all once again!


You are a veteran of the US army, and before we get into video games, thank you for your service. It is difficult to equate that experience to the one in Rainbow Six Siege, but do tactical shooters like Siege have added meaning to you because of your background?

Yes, I have told my community plenty of times and always when someone asks that drops in. This type of stuff is what I was trained in. The urban combat training. I always say not to this extent but it for sure has meaning. Clearing a room in a distinct way, Pieing your corners, or breach and clearing I have had a lot of training in and loved all of it. My time in the Army taught me a lot about being a man, working as a team, and trusting others in a situation like these. This game gets it right.

Sounds like you have incredible experience and is something you share with your Twitch Community. How have you developed and grown your community? 

Over the first year, it was slow. I worked during the day and streamed when I had time. I never watched how many viewers I had. I figured if I had one person in there hanging out having fun that was enough. As the community and channel started to grow it just motivated me more. I always strive to be the best. I eventually turned into a place where we can all hang out play some games and have fun. I feel as long as someone is in there and having fun I'm doing my job right.

Fun is always a good benchmark. You’ve been streaming a ton of Rainbow Six Siege. How did you get into the game and what made you stick with it?

I have always been a huge Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon fan, so when Rainbow Six Siege was announced I let everyone know right then that I knew it would be the focus of the channel. The 5 v 5 no respawn, tactical, and team based game play is what I love. Sticking with it was easy. The matches are different every time you play. Nothing will be the same. With the variety of operators and the map diversity the game never gets boring to me. I also love the operator abilities, that puts a certain counter pick aspect to it that I've personally never seen in a shooter.

Your community probably really appreciates your knowledge and passion for the game. With that said, what’s the future for your channel and community?

No one ever knows what the future holds, but for me, I want to just keep working hard at it keep it growing. Build a foundation for the channel and the community that is solid and all be friends. A place where we can play games with friends, hang out and talk about whatever we want, and occasionally make someone who has had a bad day smile a little. As for the channel of course hope to one day be partnered with twitch and get that ever elusive Subscriber button and see how it goes from there. I'm doing this for fun, I'm doing this to meet people and make lifelong friends, and If I can inspire one or a thousand people to maybe do something like this or try to be something that someone says they can't or chase a dream then I have completed my mission.

Thank you guys so very much for the opportunities you have given me. I love the Rainbow Six Community Good and Bad through and through. I will continue to try and help this game and community grow as much as I can. #UBI30.


Upcoming Updates in July

July is packed with excitement for Rainbow Six Siege. Patch 3.4 will be deploying in mid-July, and that update will bring yet another Operator balance change. Keep an eye on our Twitter and forums for who the lucky Operator is. This patch and balance change arrives in advance of the ramp up to Season 3, which introduces a Brazilian CTU. More info on Season 3 will be coming in the final weeks of July, so keep your sights aimed at

The end of July also means the finale of Season 2 of the Rainbow Six Pro League where we will be aiming to crown our Season 2 champions. There are still a few weeks left in Season 2, so be sure to follow and subscribe to our Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter channels.

Remember, our Devs are always gathering intel. Head to the Rainbow Six Subreddit to continue to share feedback and your tacticool content.


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