[2016-10-13] Frost and Castle TCTD FC sets - HEADER

Frost's The Division and Castle's Far Cry Blood Dragon Sets

13/10/2016 06:00 PM

Frost’s The Division and Castle’s Far Cry Blood Dragon sets are now available! Show your style by wearing special sets designed for Frost and Castle. Each set contains a headgear, a charm and a weapon skin related to your favourite video game universe.


Frost The Division Set

Frost will embody a member of the Strategic Homeland Division spirit with the Division Mask, Super 90 Dark Zone weapon skin and charm. 


Castle Far Cry Blood Dragon Set

With the Castle Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon set, make Castle embody Sergeant Rex “power” Colt with the Blood Dragon headgear, UMP45 Blood Dragon weapon skin, and charm.

You can pick the set of your choice for £5,79 each. To purchase them, just click on the platform of your choice below to be redirected to the dedicated store:

Xbox One

Frost | Castle 


Frost | Castle 


Frost | Castle

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