Pro League Season 3 Finals

31/10/2016 10:26 AM

Season 3 Pro League’s regular season has ended, and we are headed to Poland for the finals! We will be joined by the top Xbox One and PC teams at the ESL Studio in Katowice, Poland on November 12th and 13th. $150,000 is on the line for both PC and Xbox One teams, so get ready to see some intense matches!

The Xbox One European Pro League will be represented by Supremacy and Vitality. Supremacy is attending their second Pro League finals, and are looking to make a significant impact with their top seed. Under the leadership of their shot caller BiOs, Vitality has yet to completely lose a play day all season, and was able to string out any potential loss into a draw. Given their aforementioned success during the regular season, it will be exciting seeing them challenge the top seeded NA team in the first round, eXcellence.

With eXcellence holding the top spot for the North American teams, they will be joined by the second seed, Onslaught. The members of eXcellence are no strangers to the intensity of the Pro League, with all members having played in all three Seasons up to this point, so expect them to have a strong showing from the start. Onslaught’s fate was determined in the final week of the Pro League with a crucial 6-5 defeat of Lethal.Gaming to secure their attendance.

Orgless and Continuum finished Season 3 at the top of the North American PC Pro League. Both teams boast rosters with seasons Pro League Finals veterans, and as such, have each had very impressive seasons. While Orgless ended the season with more total wins, the worst that either team did was pull draws.

Leading the charge against the North American teams is GiFu and Playing Ducks. GiFu is returning as the most experienced team in Pro League history, having attended every Pro League final. These post season veterans are ready to execute their strategy of methodical game play that has made every match of theirs exciting to watch! The members of Playing Ducks were barely edged out of the finals in the first two Seasons. They are here to make a statement and prove that they belong amongst the likes of GiFu.

Not only will you have the chance to watch eight incredible teams play against each other, you will also get a sneak peak of our Season 4 content. We will have an exclusive reveal of Season 4 content on Sunday November 13th with a preview and dev discussing panel on Saturday November 12th, so make sure you tune into both days!

If you would like to attend the finals in person, you can find tickets for sale here. Follow the official Twitch Channel for notifications when we go live, and the official Twitter account for live updates of the matches. Our official subreddit also hosts lively threads regarding the Pro League, so join the discussion today.

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