Meet The Teams Who Have Earned Their Spots At The Six Invitational

06/12/2016 12:01 PM

Throughout the past year of the Rainbow Six Pro League, four teams stand out among the rest to earn a spot in the Six Invitational. They have fought, competed, and claimed championships that have earned them this incredible opportunity.

On February 3-5th, 2017 in Montreal, these four teams will to compete against qualifier winners for Rainbow Six Siege’s biggest event ever. The 3 day event will match 6 PC and Xbox One teams against each other for a grand prize of $200,000!

The EU, NA, and LATAM qualifiers are starting on December 3rd, but we are also inviting four teams who have been competing at a high level since the start of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. We selected these teams based on performance and professionalism. These teams represent the best of the best in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League.

Get prepared for the Six Invitational by learning more about the selected teams.

PC NA: Continuum


The team & all its player have been part of the Rainbow Six Pro League since its start. Four of them played together in Season One under the “Mythics eSports” tag. They are the youngest squad in average, but also the best “hope” for North America. They are the only one who managed to beat both of the best teams in Europe to claim the title of Season 3 Pro League Champions.

In Season 2, two of their players, Canadian & Yung, were also part of the best team in North America “Orbit” alongside Kix, Kanine & Snake.

In Season 3, they went undefeated only surpassed by Most Wanted in the regular season, but did show off on the big stage, and nvK even claimed the unofficial MVP of the whole Season 3 final in Katowice, Poland.

Led by Canadian, the team has shown the usual skills of the NA scene with an incredible talent for strategy & counter-strat.



GiFu (pronounced: “SEE-SOO”) has not always been the best team, but they have been the best in one key category: consistency. Their roster has almost been the same for the past three seasons with the only exception being Sha77e who comes from TCM/Playing Ducks.

In three seasons, GiFu has grinded for their spot for the Seasonal finals all three times. At the moment, Willkey, Protax, Vapo, Bounssi & Kettiomestari are the only players (with Kanine & Snake) who can claim that achievement! They were 2nd in S1, 3-4th in S2 & S3, and they are the most consistent & efficient European team to date, showing off not only their skills but also their ability to stay strong for as long as the Pro League exists.

Xbox One NA: Instinct


NA Xbox One is the trickiest choice. Instinct members (formally known as eXcellence) have been in the Pro League since its launch in March 2016. Some were part of Instinct GG, while LaxinG was part of - at the time – the 1st eXcellence line-up with whom he won the first title of Pro League World Champion back in Season 1.

In Season 2, when the original eXcellence line-up left, SkyS & his teammates rebuilt the new eXcellence from the ashes of his successful past. They ended up in the 4th spot, their fate decided on the last match of the last play day. But the Season 3 was their moment. Rejoined by LaxinG who decided to “come back home” in the eXcellence Squad, they have been dominant all of Season 3 only to be defeated in the semi-finals by the current World Champions: Vitality. They are currently the best Xbox One squad of all North America.

Xbox EU: Team Vitality


1st European team in Season One, 3rd in Season 2 and 2nd in Season Three; they finally managed to reach their ultimate goal: becoming World Champions. A success story that was only made possible thanks to their victory against the best team in NA, eXcellence, and their ultimate opponent, Supremacy in a Worlds Finals that kind of looked like a French derby.

Dedicated since D1 (and even since Vegas for BiOs & Furious), the squad has only made one single change in their line-up since the launch of the Pro League with the addition of Lion (to replace Squall) in Season 3. The fresh blood of Lion, with a very aggressive style & his great idea in terms of strategy helped Vitality to grow pass their former slow & methodical style to move to a more various & unbreakable way of playing. This same style that helped them bring Season 3 Xbox One title home to France.

We cannot wait to see these teams in action at the Six Invitational against the winners from our Qualifiers. There is still time to qualify for the Six Invitational, and you can sign-up here.

For more information on the Six Invitational, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and you can join the discussion on the official subreddit and forums.


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