Year 2 of Rainbow Six Competition Revealed

17/01/2017 12:00 PM

Rainbow Six: Siege is about to celebrate its first anniversary of competition. It has been an amazing first year with three full seasons of Pro League as well as the incoming Six Invitational to end the year on a high note!

Thousands of players and teams have taken part of our weekly Go4 tournaments and a few hundreds of the best players in the world have the chance to be compete in the Pro League. These players have not only showed us some of the highest skilled matches we’ve ever seen, but they also worked hand in hand with our production team to constantly improve the game.

We are tremendously proud to announce a second full year of competition to go alongside our second year of post-launch content. Therefore, right after the Six Invitational event, we will be immediately starting Year 2 of competition. We have opted to structure things differently this time in order to make our competition scope bigger, while welcoming a broader spectrum of players.

PC competition program: Pro League, Challenger League and Go4R6

With a new focus for Year Two, the Pro League will now exclusively be held on PC. It will be bigger than ever with a larger prize pool and more teams invited at Season Finals. We will also be adding an intermediate level for up & coming competitors: the Challenger League. Following the same schedule and format as the Pro League, the Challenger League will be open to 8 teams who proved their worth, reaching this launching pad into the Pro League. They will play and fight for $5,000 every Season per region as well as to secure their position into the next Season’s Pro League.

We will of course be maintaining weekly Go4R6 tournaments.

More information about the new format below.

Xbox One competition program: Major League and Go4R6

The competitive program for Xbox One will now encompass a Major League as well as weekly Go4R6 Tournaments. Following the same format as the Pro League, the Major Leagues will welcome 8 teams per region, fighting over the course of 4 full Seasons! Each Season will have $5,000 of prize pool up for grabs per region.

More information about the new format below.

New PlayStation 4 competition program: Major League and Go4R6

We are also happy to be introducing PlayStation 4 to our competitive program! Just like Xbox One, it will consist of a Major League, as well as weekly Go4R6 Tournaments. We are stoked to see what it will bring to the Rainbow Six competitive scene!

More information about the new format below.


2017 Rainbow Six Competition Programs



Higher Stakes For The PC Pro League And New Format

The first Pro League Season will begin in March, so we already wish to inform you of the whole year’s plan.

The overall Pro League schedule will be once again of three Pro League Seasons followed by another Six Invitational! This time however we have increased the prize pool to $100,000USD per Season.

The 8 teams who qualify for the Pro League will compete in a brand new ‘dual tournament’ format. This format was agreed upon with ESL (our competitive program organizer) as well as the top professional teams from Year One. We believe it will further solidify our growing pro scene and teams


This format will be mirrored for our Major Leagues and Challenger League.

As the lead platform for our competitive program, all matches of the PC Pro League will be broadcasted and played in Best of 3 format. This will put an end to the era of draws and offer a much better experience for both players and viewers!

In order to have our Pro League reach an even higher level this year, we are announcing the opening of a Challenger League. It will serve as a stepping stone for up and coming teams wishing to make it into the Pro League, as well as a safety net for teams who have already made it in the Pro League. Each Season, several teams will drop from the Pro League and be replaced by the very best of the Challenger League.


GO4 For All Platforms

We are convinced that weekly competition is key to a healthy competitive scene and community. Therefore, we will be holding weekly tournaments where any player, from any level will be able to compete for R6 Credits as well as exclusive charms. We will even be handing out some participation prizes!

We wish to truly thank every participants who competed in the 2016 competitions. We hope that you will continue your journey in the 2017 Leagues and weekly competitions.

Details about how to qualify into all of these Leagues will be detailed in the coming weeks. For more information about Year 2 of Competition, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and join the discussion on the official subreddit and forums.


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