Season 2 - Pro League Relegations & Challenger League Qualifiers

26/04/2017 12:00 PM

As the current season of Rainbow Six Pro League comes to a close, we are beginning to look ahead at what comes next. We previously announced that Challenger League competitions are now mandatory for all who wish to qualify for the Rainbow Six Pro League. The best teams from the 3 regional Challenger League competitions (NA, EU and LATAM) will go on to compete in the Pro League.

Pro League Relegations

Competition is merciless as always in the Rainbow Six Pro League!

Here’s how the tournaments will work for Season 2:

The number #7 and #8 rank holders from each regional Season 1 Pro League will compete in the Season 2 Challenger Leagues, while the top 2 teams of the Challenger Leagues will move up to Pro. Following that, the #5 and #6 Season 1 Pro League rank holders will compete with the #3 and #4 Challenger League rank holders in a Double Elimination tournament to determine who will take the last 2 spots of the Rainbow Six Season 2 Pro League. This will force the lower ranking Pro teams to defend their glory while also allowing a chance for new champions to rise up.

Each region will hold their separate relegations tournaments on Sunday, May 14th.


Challenger League Qualifiers

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Rainbow Six competitive player? All our Pro players started in the trenches. This year, anyone can compete in Qualifiers for a chance to earn a spot in the Challenger League. If your team can defeat the #5-8 rank holders in the current Challenger League division, you’re in! Now is your chance to qualify for the Challenger League and begin your ascension to the Pro League Finals.

The first Season 2 Challenger League Qualifier is happening on May 6th. The 2 finalist teams from this tournament will replace the teams ranked #7 and #8 in the previous Challenger League competition.

If you do not succeed in the first CL tournament, don’t fret. You will have a chance to try again at the second CL Qualifier on May 14th. Keep in mind that this competition will present a difficult high-stakes challenge. The 2 finalist teams from this tournament will have to compete against the teams ranked #5 and #6 from the previous Challenger League to determine who will move on to the Season 2 Challenger League. Only the most skilled and dedicated competitors shall emerge victorious!

PS4 and Xbox One Major Leagues will follow up the same format and dates.


Don’t miss the Qualifiers, register now in your region:

North America:

First Challenger League Qualifier

Second Challenger League Qualifier


First Challenger League Qualifier

Second Challenger League Qualifier


First Challenger League Qualifier

Second Challenger League Qualifier

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