Technical Test Server Info + Known Issues

13/06/2017 12:00 PM

As with the previous phase, we have enabled access to all players that own Rainbow Six Siege on PC. This includes both Steam and Uplay PC versions. For help on how to participate in the TTS as a Steam owner, click here.

Preload will be available on Tuesday 13th June at 1:00pm EST and the TTS will start on Thursday, June 15th, at 1:00pm EST and will end on Friday, June 16th at 4:00pm EST.

To provide feedback and report issues encountered during this phase of the TTS, please join the dedicated subreddit here.

The following Data Centers will be available for this phase of the TTS:

  • Central US
  • West Europe
  • South Brazil
  • East Asia


One Step Matchmaking

We will keep on testing One Step Matchmaking, that introduces many new menu and online flows that we would gladly have you try to break. One feature that One Step Matchmaking will allow us to implement is Interactive Matchmaking. This will test the process of changing loadouts while matchmaking a game. Please let us know what you think!

Hit Boxes

We are working on further testing the improved hit boxes. In this phase of the TTS, you will see the progress of our work on restructuring of the hitboxes for all our operators presently in the game. The goal is to make it so that everything that is not part of what we would expect to be the human body of the operators (extended pieces of clothing, pouches, earmuffs, bags, accessories, you name it) will not be part of the hitboxes.

This not only balances several operators, but it allows for greater creative freedom for our artists when designing future operators. Test it out and leave your feedback.

Alpha Packs

Alpha Packs will be available again for public testing. You will be able to access the Alpha Pack interface from the Alpha Pack icon in the Main Menu.

We are looking for your feedback on the flow for Alpha Packs. Was it fairly straightforward how they work? Did you encounter any issues (not getting Legendary gear in every Alpha Pack is intended)? Please let us know!

*Please note that rarity values and some items are placeholders. Alpha Packs are still a work in progress, and changes may occur between what you see on the TTS and what you see in the live build.

Spawn Killing

As noted in the Operation Health Priorities list, we have been working on reducing the number of places where spawn killing is possible. You will see a few of the spots that have been fixed on Chalet, Kanal, and Consulate. We still have more work being done on this front, so we aren’t finished yet!

Known Issues

  • You receive a content pop-up when launching the TTS.
  • If the rappel action is cancelled, Operators will perform a broken animation.
  • Dark texture will be seen on the Alpha Pack when not using SSBC.
  • When the leader leaves the squad, he will remain visible in the UI for a while, then he will leave and an additional member will be removed.
  • Joining a match in progress will put the player in a long loading with sound on the background instead of spectator mode.
  • After shooting Glaz's rifle, a low light will flicker around him.
  • Alpha Packs - No roll when loosing is not explained/visualized well enough.
  • Red Dot scopes have thickened textures on the lens, causing the user's view to be partially obscured while in ADS.
  • FPS drop encountered while opening Alpha Packs.
  • Alpha Packs - Corrupted transparent pouch on Radeon HD6970.

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