Free Weekend on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

22/08/2017 06:19 PM

This weekend, PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One players will be able to play Rainbow Six Siege, for free! Have you been waiting for a chance to breach with your friends? Play all weekend, from August 24th to 27th!

After you have had a taste of the action and suspense, head to the Ubisoft Store and you’ll get up to 40% off when you purchase the game – these sales are available for a limited time.

Your progression will be saved in case of purchase.

When can I play?

You can access the Free Weekend during the following times for each platform:

Rainbow 6 August 2017 Free Weekend


From August 24th 7PM CEST to August 27th 10PM CEST

Pre-load is now available.


From August 24th 4PM CEST to August 28th 4PM CEST

Pre-load is now available.

PS+ Subscription required

Xbox One

From August 24th 11PM CEST to August 28th 9AM CEST.

Xbox Live Gold subscription required.

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