[2017-11-16] Vigil - HEADER


17/11/2017 12:00 PM

The 7.62x39mm round that glanced off his ballistic mask had crumpled and exposed the honeycomb of polymers beneath the black paint, deforming the cheek plate. The absorption padding sucked down some of the punch, but the hydrostatic shock had still rung his head like a bell. The headache lingered, the bruised cheek had turned a deep purple, but the mask itself… the mask had earned retirement on his wall. The rows of battle damaged masks staring back at him, each one a scar and a trophy, each one more of his face than the one that stared back at him in the mirror.


Operation White Noise brings you two new operators from the Republic of Korea and the famed 707th Special Mission Battalion. They don’t call them ‘White Tigers’ for nothing and the 707th trains Korea’s finest operators under brutal winter conditions. Among them… the lethal Vigil.

Before we reveal Vigil’s unique abilities during the live stream, we take a look behind the scenes at Korea’s masked operator.

“We wanted operators that are able to play with intel and counter-intel,” says Game Designer Guillaume Essouffi, “using an aspect of our game that is not that explored”

There’s little of Chul Kyung Hwa’s childhood that he remembers. He remembers his brother drowning during their escape and his mother being left behind to die in the jungle as Dengue fever ran its course. He remembers his father throwing himself in front of a train to end his life when political asylum wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Chul Kyung has lived life according to a strict set of codes and values that made him at home in the ROK Navy where he qualified for the UDT/SEALS and served with honor. He was a natural pick for the 707th Special Mission Battalion before finding his way as Korea’s top pick for Rainbow Six. It was the realization of his life’s ambitions, serving the country that took him in, but not everything has turned out rosy and Chul Kyung is trapped in a political game now.

As Vigil, this defender feels most comfortable behind his mask, where nobody can read his face. He brings the K1A SMG and the BOSG.12.2 shotgun into the fight for his primary weapons and the C75 Auto and SMG-12 MPs as his secondaries. He also marries the traditional personality of the hard-fighting and traditional soldier, but with a new trick in his repertoire that’s bound to catch opponents unaware.

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