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Dev Blog: Level Design – Kafe

09/11/2017 12:00 PM

We would like to provide some insight into what we go through during the map creation process. The map we have chosen to highlight for this creative process is Kafe.

For all maps that we have created, and that we plan to create, the design intent is to have a clear, specific flavor and feel. The goal for Kafe was to provide you with a contrast between two strong, thematic, luxury restaurants, and a museum, but also a shift between the gameplay styles required for each section of the map.

As part of the conceptualization phases for Kafe, we wanted to experiment with developing vertical gameplay across multiple floors. This would encourage players to keep an eye on their surroundings, as well as use sound and audio cues to their advantage. Below you will find an early concept for the third floor of Kafe.


Beyond the verticality of the map, we also wanted to include a section that provided you with the close quarters combat that many of you have come to enjoy about Rainbow Six Siege. This continuity between our maps ties them all together. You can see in one of the 1st floor iterations below just how compartmentalized the map is, and how this encouraging close quarters combat.


In the following screenshot, you will find one of the early concepts for a spawn point on Kafe. Throughout the course of Siege, we have learned about new methods and techniques that help to alleviate the issues that result from some spawn points. One thing we learned post launch was how powerful windows were. Not only during the spawning phase, but throughout the entire round. The importance of runouts and methods for a defender to briefly enter the Attacker’s “territory” and land a few shots on them. We are using that knowledge to further improve the way we go about creating new spawn points moving forward. As an example, this is something that we embraced almost immediately, and went into our creation of Border. We designed the map with runouts, balconies, and rotation areas that allow the Defenders to relocate both inside and outside of the building.


Throughout the development of Kafe, we had many iterations, but the overall concept and intent for the map stayed the same throughout development.

There were a couple of parts of the map that were cut for balancing reasons from the original concept to the live version you have played on. One of these being a roof spawn. This ended up bringing some design/balance issues. With a spawn on the roof, there was no risk while approaching the building, as you started on top of it. Additionally, it was a much shorter time to enter the building after the preparation phase ended, that there was little point in choosing any other spawn point. With these things in mind, we removed the roof spawn. The other part that was cut was an elevator shaft. Originally we were going to include an interior elevator shaft that could be used for rappelling on the inside of the map. This was also cut for balance reasons.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about the thought and design processes of creating a map. We have also included a few screenshots of Kafe in its conceptual stages below. Please let us know what you think, or if you have any ideas for a future map on the subreddit, Twitter, forums, or Facebook!

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