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Structure of the Pro League evolves as we head into Year 3

23/01/2018 12:00 PM

Year 3 of the Rainbow Six: Siege competition is getting closer, but before it starts, let’s focus on how will it look like.

Pro League structure

Previously there were three Rainbow Six Pro League seasons per year, while this year will consist of two full seasons, each taking place over 6 months and concluded by a Season Final. The transition season (season 7) will be a bit shorter as it will start in March and its Finals will be held in May, while Season 8 will kick off in June and last until November.

The Rainbow Six Pro League will also change its format. From now on teams will compete in a full league format and each team will play two Best-of-one matches against every other opponent. During each of the Rainbow Six Pro League Season there will be $275,000 up for grabs. Eight teams (2 from each of 4 regions) will fight for the prize pool.

Two Major tournaments

Another new addition to the competitive scene of Rainbow Six esports will have two Rainbow Six: Siege Majors a year with 16 teams participating in each of them. The Six Invitational will be our February Major competition, while the upcoming Six Major Paris competition will take place in August in the French capital.

Great venues, enormous prize pools and many different ways of qualifying for the event will make those Rainbow Six: Siege Majors an absolute festivals of the game. Majors will also be full of side activities so fans will never get bored.

Challenger League

The Challenger League will still be there for you during Year 3. The competition will be coupled with the Pro League, but Challenger League seasons will be shorter - each of them will last 3 months and will start in the second half of the Rainbow Six Pro League seasons. Obviously, before the beginning of the Challenger League qualifiers will be held.

Minor events

Several Dreamhack will be organized throughout the year in Europe and North America - more information will be released soon.

For the latest updates, please visit the Rainbow Six Esports Twitter page or Subreddit.

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