[2018-08-14] Designer's Note: Pre Season Header

Designer's Notes: Pre-Season

14/08/2018 12:00 PM

We have a few changes that will have an impact on gameplay, but this will not be a major balancing patch. These changes will come with the Y3S3 patch, and will be available on the Y3S3 Test Server.


  • EMP Grenades will now temporarily disable cameras instead of destroying them.

As we noted in a previous AMA, Thatcher’s binary playstyle is somewhat limiting, and we adjusted his gadget to allow for additional creativity, and have a longer lasting impact on the Meta. His EMP grenades will now temporarily disable cameras; this includes security cameras, bulletproof cameras, Maestro’s turrets, and Valkyrie’s cameras. This is a small part of a larger project that we are working on, but have too many dependencies on current systems to implement this at the same time as the rest of the changes. Future changes will include elements that will make Thatcher stronger, but we needed this interaction in place before we can begin working on those.


  • Shock Drone will emit slightly more noise

We will be increasing the amount of noise made by Twitch’s Shock Drone, as player’s had too much trouble hearing the drone even in extremely quiet situations. It is still very discreet, and quieter than other drones. Our goal is to help players that are paying attention be able to pick up on the audio cue from the drone when it is moving.

Weapon Sight Misalignment

  • Weapons will no longer interact with your Field of View

Our recoil system has a flaw affecting automatic weapons that causes bullets to diverge from where the reticle is pointing. A fix will be implemented with the upcoming Year 3 Season 3 patch. This will be done by removing your weapon’s interaction with your Field of View (FOV), and ensuring the reticle will always be in the center of your screen.

Our goal is to offer a clean, tight shooting system that enables our players to showcase their skill, without rewarding players with a headshot when aiming at the torso. We have worked hard at trying to match the unique shooting feel of Siege by firing tens of thousands of bullets and switching back and forth between the two systems, and iterating to bring the new recoils closer to their live counterpart.

The implementation of this change will also be a starting point for a re-evaluation of all weapons. We will share more information about any future weapon changes prior to them being implemented in the live game.

Current Status


Following the changes that Finka experienced in Patch 2.2, we have seen a positive result. As of right now, her Win Delta has dropped to 1.7%, bringing her more in line with other Operators, and her pick rate has slightly increased. We are happy with the result of the changes that were made, but are going to continue to monitor her performance should anything change, as well as keep an eye on how she is performing in Pro League.

Frost and Kapkan

We have seen an interesting increase in the Win Delta for Kapkan and Frost in the last few weeks. They have each shifted from a Win Delta of approximately -3.0%, to nearly 1.0% each. We aren’t sure why this happened, but to the dedicated Frost and Kapkan mains out there, keep doing great things. We see you.


Tune-in for the reveal of Y3S3 Operation Grim Sky on the Rainbow Six Twitch Channel on August 17 - 19th during the first ever Six Major in Paris.

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