It’s a Mad House!

25/10/2018 10:00 AM

Between October 25th and October 31st, House is getting a spooky facelift. During this event, you will be able to play through the "Mad House" playlist, with a selection of 10 Operators + everyone's favorite Recruit.

In addition to the 1 free pack that players who log in during this event will receive, there are Club Challenges available for additional Crimsonveil Collection packs! You will be able to obtain two more packs through this Club Challenge. In order to complete these challenges, you will need 30, and 60, kills in the Mad House playlist.

The Crimsonveil Collection itself will contain 22 items, with no duplicates. They will be available from October 25th through November 5th.

2017 Halloween Cosmetics Are Returning


In addition to the Crimsonveil Collection which will introduce brand new skins for five new Operators, the classic 2017 Halloween skins will also be available once again for a limited time. These individual cosmetic packs can be unlocked with R6 Credits or Renown.













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