[2019-08-18] ESPORT Pilot Program Phase 2


18/08/2019 02:00 PM

Concluding an all-new in-depth selection process, we are excited to reveal the teams that will join Phase 2 of the Rainbow Six esports Pilot Program that will run until May 2020. From over 40 candidates, 14 teams were identified as the new partners for Phase Two and as such, will get a share of the revenues resulting from Pro Team and Pro League related in-game cosmetics. To learn more about the revenue sharing mechanics, check out the Pilot Program Phase 2 announcement for the details.

Launched in 2018, the Pilot Program is Rainbow Six’s first revenue-sharing initiative that aims to develop a sustainable environment for organizations in the global esports program. By collaborating with partnered esports brands, the Pilot Program aims to bring support to the teams and players within the ecosystem and to help lead Rainbow Six esports into the next phase of its evolution as an esports title. Phase 2 of the Pilot Program introduced a new and open qualitative selection process. Applications were open for teams both inside and outside of the Rainbow Six Siege environment and additionally, to promote a fair and neutral evaluation process, third parties were involved in the review of all candidates. This approach helped us to identify the ideal partners for Phase 2, accurately assessing the organizations’ capabilities and vision, and to determine why they should be part of Pilot Program Phase 2.

Starting September 10, 2019, players will have access to a brand-new Pro Team bundles for each of the 14 teams that are part of the Pilot Program Phase 2 – including a headgear, a uniform and a weapon skin for a specific Operator as well as a universal charm.


- Fnatic: Operator: Nomad, weapon: AK47M
- Cloud9: Operator: Valkyrie, weapon: MPX
- Nora-Rengo: Operator: Hibana, weapon: Type 89


- G2 Esports: Operator: Sledge, weapon: L85
- PENTA: Operator: Twitch, weapon: F2
- Team Empire: Operator: Bandit, weapon: MP7
- Natus Vincere: Operator: Doc, weapon: MP5

Latin America:

- INTZ eSports Club: Operator: Thermite, weapon: 556XI
- Team Liquid: Operator: Vigil, weapon: K1A
- FaZe Clan: Operator: Caveira, weapon: M12
- MIBR: Operator: Buck , weapon: C8SFW


- Evil Geniuses: Operator: Ash, weapon: R4C
- Rogue: Operator: Jäger, weapon: 416-C
- Spacestation Gaming: Operator: Echo, weapon: MP5SD

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