Multiplayer (PvP)

The game features 3 different team death match online game modes:

• HOSTAGE: The attackers must locate and extract a hostage from a building, whilst the defenders must prevent this by setting barricades and traps.

• SECURE AREA: The attackers must locate a room containing a biohazard container, and secure it by remaining inside for 10 consecutive seconds.

• BOMB: The attackers locate one of two bombs and activate a defuser nearby. The attackers win the round if they can disarm a bomb or if they eliminate the enemy team.

Terrorist Hunt (PvE)

Terrorist Hunt is a game mode playable in solo or cooperatively with up to four additional teammates.

Terrorist Hunt puts the player into hostile situations against a new threat into the world of Rainbow Six: the White Masks.

The game mixes and matches variables to create unique operations – from mode, map, and time of day to objective locations and one of many fortification presets.


Embark on a series of solo sessions which will train you to the content and mechanics of Rainbow Six Siege (Gameplay, Operators, Destruction…).

Each of these training sessions can be played in Normal, Hard or Realistic difficulty levels.

The secondary objectives are designed to progressively become more difficult as you unlock each subsequent situation.