•  G.I.S.
  •  Defender
    • Armor 
    • Speed 
  • Alibi was born in Tripoli, Libya and immigrated with her family when she was three years old. Her father managed a small ordnance manufacturer, using his contacts to open up exports.

Unique Abilities

PRISMA Prisma projects holograms identical to Alibi in an idle position. If you shoot or touch the holograms, you’ll be marked and pinged for the next few seconds. If Prisma is deployed outside, a false “Defender Outside” warning is triggered for Attackers. To add an element of surprise, Prisma conceals the identity of any Defender who ventures outside. Any bullet, melee, or explosives damages Prisma, and will shoot through the hologram. Be careful not to stand too close.


Primary Weapons

  • Mx4 Storm
  • ACS12

Secondary Weapons

  • KERATOS .357 Pistol
  • Bailiff 410 Pistol


  • Impact Grenade
  • Deployable Shield


  • Name: Aria de Luca
  • Date of birth: December 15 - (Age 37)
  • Place of birth: Tripoli, Lybia
“Never reveal the cards you were dealt.”

Libyan-born Aria de Luca immigrated to Italy with her family when she was three years old. Her father managed a small ordnance manufacturer, using his extensive contacts to open up exports to North Africa. De Luca learned about Italian firearms through the family business and by training on their shooting range. At 18, she won the 10-metre running target and 10-metre air pistol divisions at the European Championships, after which the Carabinieri approached and recruited her.

De Luca served with the elite Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale in fighting organized crime before earning a spot in the prestigious Gruppo Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.). She went undercover to infiltrate the Vinciguerra Crime Family as an arms dealer and spent several years gaining their trust before a newspaper leaked the Vinciguerra operation, forcing the G.I.S. to accelerate their initiative.

Following her successful dismantling of the Syndicate, Aria de Luca was invited into Rainbow.

Psychological Report
Specialist de Luca’s undoubtedly cultivated her multi-layered façade after years of undercover operations, but I suspect it began as a protective measure from her childhood. […] She carries a deep hatred for organized crime and it’s the closest I’ve come to seeing her sophisticated veneer crack. […] Thanks to my contacts with the Carabinieri’s Chief of Staff, I was able to access her psych evals. Checking it against old police records and her family’s hospital visits, I believe her father was the victim of a protection racket (unless de Luca Sr. was singularly unlucky enough to repeatedly break fingers, fall down stairs, and break his own arm… twice). I suspect that her father’s brush with organized crime set “Alibi” on her path. […]

“Alibi” as a codename is rather telling considering the circumstances that sabotaged her undercover operation. On paper, Specialist de Luca is a decorated hero with a Gold Medal for Civil Valor, but her detractors believe she leaked the G.I.S. investigation to the press. […] Specialist de Luca saw the Vinciguerra's human trafficking operations at their Genoa compound. As a naturalized immigrant herself, it’s possible that seeing those refugees bound for slave labor and prostitution broke through her well-crafted defenses, compelling her to act. […] I know for a fact that she tried to convince her superiors to raid the Genoa compound and that they refused. I know that the reporter who cited a confidential informant in his exposé received his intel days after Specialist de Luca’s meeting with her bosses. […]

If Specialist de Luca did leak the information to spur the G.I.S. into action and to save those lives in Genoa, then I am somewhat relieved… it means there are lines Specialist de Luca will not cross. […] Fortunately, she fits in well here, avoiding the hazing that both the S.A.S. and SEALS operators seem fond of inflicting […].I believe Specialist de Luca is a valuable addition to the Rainbow Program and that her particular skills will keep the teams guessing during asymmetrical combat simulations.

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