•  G.E.O.
  •  Attacker
  • Armor rating Medium 
  • Speed rating Medium 

Unique gadget

Eyenox Model III
  • Eyenox Model III was created to offer a mobile tracking device able to both identify and trail a person’s footprints in real-time.
  • Equipped with advanced computer vision, the Eyenox detects invisible details relating to footfall and weight distribution so that you can identify and stalk your target.


Born in Ceuta, Spain, Ryad Ramírez Al-Hassar’s broad resourcefulness on difficult terrains made him an expert tracker. His extensive training outside the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía include several survival courses, tactical desert navigation programs, and specialized combat diving practice. Ramírez is known to be the best asset of the G.E.O. to track down HVTs and intercept narcotics shipments. He is ruthless on the field and determined to unravel the events that led to the loss of his older brother, Faisal.

  • Name: Ryad Ramirez Al-Hassar
  • Date of birth: February 29th, 1968
  • Height: 1.90m
  • Weight: 78kg
  • Place of birth: Ceuta, Spain