•  SAS
  •  Defender
  • Armor rating Medium 
  • Speed rating Medium 

Unique gadget

Moni GC90 Signal Disrupter
1 2 3 4
  • 1Collapsible antennas
  • 2Device can be planted on floors
  • 3Digital display
  • 4Activation levers


A veteran of Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) unit, Mark Chandar’s exceptional work as a signals intelligence (sigint) specialist has made him a valuable addition to Rainbow.

He brings with him a Signal Disruptor from his former career, which allows Chandar to jam all communications in a set area, preventing remote detonations and the use of drones. The GC90 “Moni”, blocks the signal from a remote detonator or control from reaching any device within range.

  • Name: Mark Chandar
  • Date of birth: October 11, 1991
  • Height: 1.70M
  • Weight: 80kg
  • Place of birth: York