•  S.D.U
  • Armor rating Medium 
  • Speed rating Medium 

Unique gadget

Candela device
  • Inspired by the new breed of stun grenades showcased by the S.A.S., this mercury and magnesium based explosive creates a multitude of blinding flashes.
  • The Candela device releases a cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or thrown out as a grenade.


Born in the comfortable Central District of Hong Kong, Siu Mei Lin, codenamed Ying (firefly), was a close protection operative before joining the Special Duties Unit. Having developed explosive short-range power and combat skills, she joined an elite security service school right after high school. When she was tasked with a high-stakes money exchange during a kidnapping situation, however, she realized how limited her means were. Driven to have greater impact, she re-oriented her career to become an all-purpose operative. A year later, she joined a female-exclusive training in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she perfected her hand-to-hand combat skills and driving maneuvers.

  • Name: Siu Mei Lin
  • Date of birth: May 12th, 1983
  • Height: 1.60M
  • Weight: 52KG
  • Place of birth: Hong Kong, central