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Goodbye Wind Bastion

14/03/2019 12:00 PM

Thank you once again to everyone who shared their favorite Wind Bastion memories with us. As we waved goodbye to Operation Wind Bastion, we took one more look at all the stories, fanart, videos, cosplay and plays that everyone has created and shared over the last season before we close the chapter on Year 3.

[2019-03-08] GoodbyeWB1
Best part was Kaid and Nomad! Heres a pic of me w both. Credit to @CosplayPan & @Aspira_Cosplay ! On to Year 4! - @Itszedyl
I just started playing siege right before grim sky. I have accumulated almost 700 hours in the game since then and i don’t plan on quitting any time soon. Thanks for making siege amazing 👌 - @GingerGigglesTV
Ever since I started playing PC, I have been obsessed with FPS games. But Siege has built the most friendships and constantly been filled with good times. It’s hard to choose one moment playing games with the community because there are too many. Keep siege amazing ❤️ - @MrKeeKee_
Favorite memory, all of it. Wind Bastion was amazing. I love Nomad and Kaid. Thank you, Siege. My favorite teammate and I will miss you. ❤️❤️ - @SynysterPotato

[2019-03-08] GoodbyeWB2

[2019-03-08] Goodbye WB fanart

Artists: @hanjosi, @SAU_SIEGE, @beeruleess, @Pericote9, @keyholestyle, @Dr_Wolflow

[2019-03-08] GoodbyeWB3

[2019-03-08] GoodbyeWB_cosplay2


[2019-03-08] GoodbyeWB_cosplay1


[2019-03-08] GoodbyeWB4
easily this play by @MacieJayGaming - @ItsNightSaw

Being invited to play alongside some of my favourite people in the UK Creator Cup was definitely a huge highlight for me! - @domnomnoml

As the dust settles on Operation Wind Bastion, we can look towards an amazing new start in Year 4 with Operation Burnt Horizon! See you Down Under!

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