Something’s not quite right with Doc. Soon after Theme Park closed, he moved in and made the castle his home, where he performs all sorts of disturbing experiments. In the end, he created something more evil than he intended.

The place is now crawling with Monsters, and a band of Exterminators have been called in to reclaim it. Will they be able to return things to normal, or will the fiends live to terrorize another day?

For two weeks starting October 23, you must survive Doktor’s Curse!


On the Defenders’ side, a crew of trap Operators have mutated nearly beyond recognition, and they haunt the halls of the Castle as Monsters under the Doktor’s command.

  • Smoke crawls in from the sewers as a hybrid creature.
  • Kapkan makes the dark his domain as a reaper.
  • Frost is looking for a human snack as a demon.
  • Lesion is hungry for some brains as a zombie.
  • Ela wants your skin as a patchwork revenant.

On the Attackers’ side, a squad of mysterious Exterminators bring the expertise of familiar Operators, along with their own custom version of Sledge’s hammer.

While you look around Doktor’s Castle, you might also catch a glimpse at the Doktor himself, experimenting on poor old Bandit behind impenetrable glass.


Doktor’s Curse is a special Hide and Seek game mode, where Defenders must try to survive until the end of the round, unless they can manage to eliminate the powerful Attackers first.

Both teams are equipped with special loadouts for this occasion, but none of them have access to guns or melee.

Each Attacker carries a Breaching Hammer that they must use to squash the Monsters, and they have access to one of three gadgets to hunt them down:

  • Jackal’s Eyenox Model III
  • Lion’s EE-ONE-D
  • Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor

Each Defender has their usual trap gadget and a special secondary ability called Nightstride which allows them to turn invisible for a short period of time while speeding them up.


This event comes hand in hand with the Doktor’s Curse Collection, which contains the uniforms and headgears of the Doktor’s Curse event Monsters as well as their matching weapon skins and charms. Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion and Ela thus each get their own set of four items and so do Doc and Bandit, for a total of 28 items.

Doktor’s Curse Collection packs can be obtained by completing the special Event Challenges, or by purchasing them for 300 R6 credits each in the Packs section of the Home screen.

Sledge’s items can be bought using your preferred currency in the Sledge Bounty Bundle, for a limited time.

  • Doc
  • 1X UNIFORM: Prodigy
  • 1x HEADGEAR: Creator
  • Smoke
  • 1X UNIFORM: Sewer Grime
  • 1x HEADGEAR: Hybrid Monster
  • Lesion
  • 1X UNIFORM: Rotten
  • 1x HEADGEAR: Risen
  • Kapkan
  • 1X UNIFORM: Dead of Night
  • 1x HEADGEAR: Grim Harbinger
  • Frost
  • 1X UNIFORM: Dark Lace
  • 1x HEADGEAR: Devourer
  • Bandit
  • 1X UNIFORM: Charged Convict
  • 1x HEADGEAR: Live Corpse
  • Ela
  • 1X UNIFORM: Skin Suit
  • 1x HEADGEAR: Tender Peepers
  • Doc
  • 1X WEAPON SKIN: Nitrogen Blast
  • Smoke
  • 1X WEAPON SKIN: Gutter Gutter
  • Lesion
  • 1X WEAPON SKIN: Acid Scourge
  • Kapkan
  • 1X WEAPON SKIN: Blackwood
  • Frost
  • 1X WEAPON SKIN: Clot Burst
  • Bandit
  • 1X WEAPON SKIN: Volt Burn
  • Ela
  • 1X WEAPON SKIN: Raw Flesh
  • Doc
  • 1X CHARM: Opus Injection
  • Smoke
  • 1XCHARM: Septic Snack
  • Lesion
  • 1X CHARM: Glower
  • Kapkan
  • 1X CHARM: Omega Crow
  • Frost
  • 1X CHARM: Thorns of Fate
  • Bandit
  • 1X CHARM: Galvanised
  • Ela
  • 1X CHARM: Mr. Smiley

Ubisoft Club Weekly Challenge

Slayer Challenge

Get 20 kills while attacking in the Doktor's Curse playlist to obtain a Doktor's Curse Collection pack.