•  Defender
  • Armor rating Heavy 
  • Speed rating Slow 

Unique gadget

EDD Mk II Entry Denial Device
1 2
  • 1May be mounted into windows and door frames.
  • 2Packed C4 charge.


Born and raised in Kovrov, Basuda is the son of factory workers. To escape a life in the factory, he enlisted with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and was sent to a small port town on the Barents Sea. Basuda became an avid hunter and trapper during his time in the Arctic Circle.

This expert in lures and traps carries into battle a trap equipped with a laser trip for windows and doors certain to impede any foe (or friend) caught in its blast.

  • Date of birth: MAY 14, 1979
  • Height: 1,80M
  • Weight: 68KG
  • Place of birth: KOVROV