Ash Badge Ash  Swat

  • Side  Attacker
  • RoleSoft breach, Disable, Flank, Entry Fragger
    • Armor 
    • Speed 
    • Difficulty 

Unique Abilities and Playstyle

Ash is a fast-paced front liner; capable of breaching, flanking and dividing the Defender's attention in seconds.
Ash is capable of ranged soft breaching thanks to her modified M120 CREM Breaching Rounds.


Primary Weapon


Secondary Weapon




gameplay tips

Watch out for traps

One of your biggest fears as an Entry Fragger is traps. If you are the first one going through a door, window or stairway, make sure you have a teammate droning for you to spot ennemies and hidden traps that could have been deployed by Frost, Lesion or Kapkan.

Destroy defensive utilities

Your breaching rounds do so much more than simply create holes in a non-reinforced wall - you can also destroy almost all defender gadgets: Castle barricades, Bulletproof Cameras, Barbed wires and more.

Create crucial lines of sight

Remember you only have 2 Breaching rounds so make them count! Try to open a floor to shoot a Mira window open, destroy Bandit's batteries or kill someone using his phone. Learn the map and you will find ways to drastically improve your chances of success.




lion badge  Lion

His ability locks everyone in place and outlines the defending team while on the move; this makes Lion a good combo with an Entry Fragger. Find a defender and make sure you know his location. Then, push just as Lion activates his scan to increase your chances of success.

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jackal badge  Jackal

The ability to track enemies based on their footprints is a great addition to any Entry Fragger. Getting the information on the defender's whereabouts can also accelerate the rhythm of your attack.

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frost badge  Frost

As a Trap Operator, Frost places her Welcome Mats (leg-hold traps) under windows, in front of doors and in other blind spots. Those traps are the worst enemies of any fast-paced Front liner.

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lesion badge  Lesion

Lesion deploys his Gu Mines (poison mine) under windows, in front of doors and in other blind spots. Those traps are the worst enemies of any fast-paced Front liner.

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kapkan badge  Kapkan

Kapkan places his Entry Denial Device (C4 that explodes upon motion) on doors and window frames. Those traps are the worst enemies of any fast-paced Front liner.

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mira badge  Mira

If you come across Mira's Black Mirror, you could easily be spotted by a defender behind that wall before you can enter the room. If you see a Black Mirror, change your angle of attack try destroying the floor above or below to open up the window!

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caveira badge  Caveira

As with all roamers Caveira is often hidden somewhere on the map, waiting for you to make a mistake. The particularity with Caveira is that if you get downed alone, there is a good chance she will interrogate you and expose your teammates.

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jäger badge  Jäger

Jäger's Active Defense System can deny Ash's breaching round coming in its line of sight.

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zofia badge  Zofia

While slower than Ash, Zofia does bring more utility. She is equipped with both concussion and impact ammunitions that can help with clearing corners and long hallways.

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buck badge  Buck

If you plan on attacking from above or below, Buck is often a good choice. His Skeleton key shotgun has a lot of soft destruction potential. He can quickly clear entire rooms from another floor. However, he is considerably harder to play.

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sledge badge  Sledge

Like Buck, Sledge is a great operator for soft destruction. He is equipped with a breaching hammer that will destroy most gadgets including Maestro's Evil Eye or Castle's Walls. The down side is that you have to get close.

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  • Name: Eliza Cohen
  • Date of birth: December 24 - (Age 33)
  • Place of birth: Jerusalem, Israel
Cohen was born and raised in Jerusalem. After secondary school, she enrolled at Tel Aviv University, in the Engineering program, where she did a semester abroad at Boston University. After college she performed her civic duty enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces. Her background in engineering made her a prime candidate for mechanical maintenance and demolitions.

Customization options


Ash Elite


  • 1x Headgear
  • 1x Uniform
  • 3x Weapon skins
  • 1x Weapon charm
  • 1x Gadget skin
  • Victory animation
  • Unique operator card

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