Fuze Badge Fuze  Spetsnaz

  • Side  Attacker
  • RoleDisable, Area Denial, Flank
    • Armor 
    • Speed 
    • Difficulty 

Unique Abilities and Playstyle

Fuze is best played as an aggressive flanker and area denial Operator. His strengths allow him to dispatch defensive capabilities and harass enemies anchored in defensive positions. Fuze's APM-6 cluster charge propels a group of explosive cluster grenades through any soft breach surface.


Primary Weapon


Secondary Weapon




gameplay tips

Clear the room

Fuze is good for more than just killing defenders. His cluster charge can destroy all gadgets placed in a defensive stronghold. If you can get above a hallway or room full of barbed wire, traps or defenders, your cluster charge will shoot small charges that will guarantee an easier entry later in the round.

Flush out the enemies

Defenders have a few seconds to get away or take cover from the damage of the APM-6 cluster charge. They will often take the shortest route. Be ready with a line of sight and pick them off one by one as they run to safety - strong to counter anchor players in predictable spots.

Learn the pattern

The cluster charge might seem chaotic, but it's more predictable than you think - it will always disperse in a fan like pattern, starting from left to right. How you place it in will greatly impact the spread and area covered by the Cluster - experiment with this and learn to cover as much ground as possible.




dokkaebi badge  Dokkaebi

Just before placing his Cluster Charge above the site, Fuze can count on Dokkaebi to hack the Defender's phones. This will often make them stand still long enough to get caught in the explosions . The sound is also masked behind the call.

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glaz badge  Glaz

With the combination of your Cluster charge and Glaz being able to see through smoke you can reek havoc in the bomb site. The Defenders will have to run from your Cluster meanwhile Glaz can pick them off from afar.

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pulse badge  Pulse

Fuze is stationary for a few seconds while placing his Cluster Charge, making him a good prey for roamers. Pulse can scan behind a wall, floor or ceilling and quickly shoot him or throw a C4 to guarantee his demise.

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rook badge  Rook

With his armor plates, Rook is able to ensure that no one on the defending team will die to the first explosion, but instead go to the Down But Not Out (DBNO) state.

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jäger badge  Jäger

Jäger's ADS will zap some of Fuze's charges, but he will trigger 5 small charges while the ADS can only stop 2. It can save the Defenders if placed correctly.

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ying badge  Ying

Ying's Candela device works similarly to Fuze's Cluster charge. Instead of releasing sub-grenades, it releases flash charges, temporarily blinding all the enemies on the other side of the wall. The Candela can also be thrown out as a grenade.

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capitao badge  Capitao

As another of the Area Denial attacker, Capitao is more about precision. He is able to shoot his asphyxiating bolts to damage any defenders in its area of effect. This is a safer choice if your team is close but it will not affect the defensive gadgets.

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  • Name: Shuhrat Kessikbayev
  • Date of birth: October 12 - (Age 34)
  • Place of birth: Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Kessikbayev grew up in a military family in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. After his family emigrated to Russia shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kessikbayev followed in his father’s footsteps and enrolled in the military, where his facility with technology earned him a spot in the coveted weapon testing brigade at Alabino firing range near Moscow.

Customization options


Fuze Elite


  • 1x Headgear
  • 1x Uniform
  • 3x Weapon skins
  • 1x Weapon charm
  • 1x Gadget skin
  • Victory animation
  • Unique operator card

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