Pulse Badge Pulse  SWAT

  • Side  Defender
  • RoleIntel, Roam
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    • Speed 
    • Difficulty 

Unique Abilities and Playstyle

Pulse is a roamer and intel Operator for a defending team. Thanks to his HB-5 Cardiac Sensor, Pulse can track attackers through surfaces, gathering valuable intel on their position.


Primary Weapon


Secondary Weapon




gameplay tips

Your Scanner runs on batteries

There are a few hard counters to Pulse: Thatchers EMP will disable the scanner for a short time and IQ will be able to spot you when using the scanner. Always be mindful when using the scanner, as you cannot shoot back instantly.

Line up the Shot

You are able to place yourself in positions where Attackers will often sneak, plant or drone. Find them on the scanner and shoot at the top of the circle to get a quick kill or some damage. Combine this with barricades for jump outs, or wait until they try to plant the defuser.

Play beneath

Combo your scanner with a Nitro Cell, to easily stop the plant, kill a shield or simply take a group of Attackers out from below. Make sure to be patient and wait until they stand stil for just a second. You can even ping for a teammate to use a Nitro Cell as well.




valkyrie badge  Valkyrie

With Valkyrie's Black Eyes and Pulse's Scanner you can get a lot of intel on the attacking team. This setup is especially good for playing on the floor below the objective, and stopping the defuser with C4 on the ceiling or even for aggressive flanks.

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jager badge  Jäger

When Pulse stays in a defensive stronghold to gain intel, having a Jäger's ADS close is a great help. Indeed, when he looks at his scanner, Pulse is very vulnerable as he is unable to shoot back.

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iq badge  IQ

IQ is Pulse biggest counter, as she is able to see his exact position when using his scanner. She can shoot back at the location Pulse is. Leaving him no choice but to back off or be shot.

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thatcher badge  Thatcher

His EMP will temporally disable Pulse's scanner. Even if it will not prevent him to shoot or throw a C4, he will not be able to use his unique ability for a short period of time.

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jackal badge  Jackal

If Jackal manages to scan Pulse's footprints, it will be much harder for him to use his sensor as he is forced to stay on the move, be careful and find an escape plan.

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valkyrie badge  Valkyrie

While her Black Eyes are static they do give the rest of the team the ability to see what Valkyrie is seeing. Also equipped with Nitro Cell she can do many of the things that Pulse can, but it requires a bit more map knowledge

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echo badge  Echo

Echo is a great Anchor that can gain massive Intel as well. If played from the Objective site, he can try to look for Attackers using his Yokai drone. While he does not have a Nitro Cell, he can concuss the Attackers, stopping the defuser plant, lowering shields and ping the Attackers location.

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  • Name: Jack Estrada
  • Date of birth: October 11 - (Age 32)
  • Place of birth: Goldsboro, NC
Born to Cynthia Estrada and Mark Peterson on the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, Jack was raised a military brat. Following in his mother’s footsteps, Jack became an intelligence officer.

Customization options


Pulse Elite


  • 1x Headgear
  • 1x Uniform
  • 3x Weapon skins
  • 1x Weapon charm
  • 1x Gadget skin
  • Victory animation
  • Unique operator card

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Pulse Aristocrat Pack

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