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Outbreak’s three player coop mode will force you to revisit your strategies and push you to rely on teammates like never before. This limited-time event will be held from March 6th to April 3rd 2018!

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Let’s Play Presents | Last Chance to Play Outbreak

Operation Chimera’s Outbreak is coming to a close on April 3rd. Watch Achievement Hunter take out some infected hostiles and get into Outbreak before the event is over!


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Meet the new operators

In Operation Chimera, two new Operators join Team Rainbow to help contain a mysterious parasite infection that hit a small town in New Mexico. To safeguard the perimeter, Six selected the most qualified biohazard specialists in the world.

R6 Operator - Finka
R6 Operator - Lion

Play Outbreak before it ends April 3rd!


04/3/201812:00 PM


FPS Has a New Set of Rules


12/21/2017 12:00 PM