"I'm never unprepared." Warden is joining the Defending team in Operation Phantom Sight.

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Milan (Italy) will host the ninth Pro League battle between the bravest Rainbow Six teams from all over the world. From Asia-Pacific and Latin America to Europe and North America, all the players will have one purpose only: be crowned as Pro League Champions and establish their dominance within the Rainbow Six competitive scene.

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The Chibi Figurines are back!

Discover the Official 6 Collection Series 3 Figurines, designed by Ubi Collectibles and Ubi Workshop.

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Meet the new operators

Gridlock and Mozzie met at a robot destruct-o-rama in their teens, a few years later Mozzie convinced Grid to join the Defence Force. They’ve been deployed together since they were called in to help fight one of the century’s largest bushfires.

R6 Operator - Mozzie 
R6 Operator - Gridlock 

FPS Has a New Set of Rules


12/21/2017 12:00 PM