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07/11/2017 09:00 AM

We are glad to announce that the first 4 Pro Team charms are coming on July 11. Each charm will be available for 600 R6 credits, with 30% of Ubisoft’s net revenue directly redistributed to the team. For this first season, show your support for the following teams:

  • Team Vitality

  • eXcellence Gaming

  • Flipsid3 Tactics

  • Penta Sports


Why create Pro Team items in-game?

Since we started our first eSports competition on Rainbow Six Siege in early 2016, we always tried to improve our competitive program and our support to the teams involved. Today, we decided to create these charms in partnership with the teams so players could show their enthusiasm for their favorite teams and support them in-game like they do in the Pro League. We look forward to releasing more items like this in the future.

How long will they be available?

These charms are only available until the end of the current season.

Why these 4 teams?

These 4 teams has been chosen because of their long time involvement in the Pro League – from the early seasons to this day – and their capacity to support their teams. They represent Europe just as North America now in PC and for some of them, Xbox last year.

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