[2017-06-13] Elite Blackbeard Set - HEADER


06/13/2017 09:00 AM

Blackbeard's Elite set is now available. Unlocks the Lucky Spade weapon skin for the Mk17 CQB, SR-25 and D-50 along with Delta gadget skin for Blackbeard's Rifle Shield, Commander victory dance, Elite Blackbeard Chibi Charm and Guerrilla Uniform.

You can purchase the sets in the in-game store for 1,800 R6 Credits each or 1,620 R6 Credits for Season Pass owners.


[2018-04-25] Server Performance Degradation

Server Performance Degradation

We are currently seeing degraded server performance in some data centers. We are working closely with our partners to correct this issue as quickly as possible, but do not have an ETA.

04/25/201803:00 PM

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Test Server Notes

We will be testing a variety of systems and changes on the next Test Server. More information about each change will be shared prior to their release.

04/25/201812:00 PM

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[2018-04-24] Designer's Notes: Mid Season

Designer's Notes: Mid-Season

The “Designer’s Notes” series will provide you with insight into our Balancing team’s thoughts on Operator balancing around the middle of each Season.

04/24/201812:00 PM

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