Operation Blood Orchid - New Map - Theme Park

08/16/2017 12:00 PM

Welcome to an abandoned theme park on the shores of Hong Kong for Rainbow Six Siege’s Y2 Season Three. During Operation Blood Orchid, you will explore a colorful new multiplayer map of a ghostly landmark.

Rainbow Six’s Assistant Art Director Karine Letourneau and Production Manager Frédérique Roussel discussed the core elements that inspired this map. “The S.D.U. is famous for being able to operate in Hong Kong’s diverse and challenging urban environment. Their unit is ready to intervene on an array of different terrains, from densely populated shopping districts to steep mountains,” said Letourneau.

The designers aimed to capture this eclectic assembly in the new map. The site was appropriated by a criminal organization, who adapted its layout to answer their needs. But lush grass and vines can be seen gnawing on old rusty metals, as nature slowly reclaims the area. “This superimposition will in turn influence gameplay,” explained Roussel. “Since the spaces have been reconfigured by squatters and an overgrown nature, the architecture is often misleading. You will find wildly different patterns packed in the same corner, for example, rather than a smooth succession of colors and shapes.” The resulting clashes are intentional, and aim to inspire fresh tactics in unique spaces.

Hong Kong is fertile with construction sites, which is an aspect that Letourneau and Roussel mentioned as inspiration. “The real estate market is sometimes ahead of demand. For this map, we wanted to portray a site that was not successful, a theme park that was built very quickly, and was lost just as fast.”

The reason for Team Rainbow’s intervention is clear: the S.D.U. has identified this perimeter as being used as a criminal organization’s nest for narcotic manufacture. After establishing a connection with the Hong Kong Triad, two Flying Tigers are chosen to lead a lethal raid in Theme Park.

The daytime ambiance is a hot and humid afternoon in Hong Kong. Expect majestic mountains out in the far horizon wrapped in some low, heavy clouds. At night, the atmosphere is tense and intimate, as you see flickering lights reliant on old deficient generators. It’s still early in the evening, when darkness is slowly embracing the shores of Hong Kong.

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