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Operation Blood Orchid - Operator: Ying (螢)

08/18/2017 12:00 PM

In Operation Blood Orchid, two Operators from the Special Duties Unit (S.D.U.) join Team Rainbow to raid the criminal organization squatting our new free map, Theme Park.

Nicknamed the “Flying Tigers,” the S.D.U. has been listed among the most potent Special Forces in the world ever since its activation in 1974. The unit leads both police and military operations, over sea, air, and land.

To showcase our new Operators, Scriptwriter Farah Daoud-Brixi discusses what inspired Ying’s character. “The S.D.U. is known for leading high-risk operations amidst Hong Kong’s dense urban population. For this purpose we opted for a character with an awareness of their surroundings and a concern for civilian lives,” said Daoud-Brixi. “This is why we envisioned her as being heavily trained in close protection, which also influenced her playstyle.”

The Flying Tigers have close ties with the S.A.S., but have since developed a training regimen and methods that are very much their own. The return to Asia is no coincidence, Daoud-Brixi added. “We are using ties between CTUs to create interactions and build an interconnected team of specialists. Our Operator is part of this web, having met other members of Team Rainbow in the past.”

Siu Mei Lin, codenamed Ying (meaning firefly), is the latest addition to Team Rainbow. Ying had her first taste of field work at an exclusive female-only training facility in Tel Aviv, Israel. Recognized as an outstanding driver, she volunteered to take part in Operation High Sun. Siu delivered the VIP vehicle REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED successfully before returning to HQ. The Operators codenamed Ash and Fuze REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED with some tensions. Ash, however, quickly resolved the situation.

Soon after, she met and collaborated with former S.A.T. Operator Echo during a security operation named Black Jack. The two had to ensure the protection of Japan’s representative during the World Trade Organization’s Ministerial Conference held in Hong Kong. It was reported that she became personally involved with Echo at the time, but their relationship ended a year later.

To highlight the ballistic edge of Hong Kong’s Flying Tigers, Ying is equipped with the SIX12 and T-95 LSW as primary weapons, and the Q-929 as a secondary weapon.

To learn more about our new Operators and major content updates, tune in during the Pro League finals at Gamescom on August 26th on twitch.tv/rainbow6.

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