Operation Blood Orchid - Deployment Timeline

08/22/2017 12:00 PM

Operation Blood Orchid is the biggest update to Rainbow Six Siege we have ever done. There are over 1000 fixes, including hundreds of fixes to maps and lighting, optimization of Operator data, a full pass on improving resolution and appearance of the game, and many fixes for operators, including Hibana.

During Operation Health, we deployed all of our major technical features on the Technical Test Server. For the launch of Season 3, we will be following this deployment process with the full Operation Blood Orchid deployment on the TTS on August 29th, the live deployment will take place on September 5th. The TTS is available for all players who own Siege on PC, and rolling out to some console players on Uplay PC, check your Uplay PC app to see if you have access.

This will be the first time that we will be deploying actual content on the test server which will help insure a stable launch on all platforms. You will be able to play the new operators, new map, and all of the new changes to Rainbow Six Siege. You will be able to give us feedback, and help us fix bugs right on our TTS Subreddit.

Thank you for your support in testing Season 3’s content!


[2018-06-19] 2

2.1 Patch Notes

Here is the list of fixes coming with Patch 2.1, the first Patch of Operation Para Bellum.

06/19/201812:00 PM

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[2018-06-13] Rainbow6 - E3 Recap


Rainbow Six Siege has officially surpassed 35 million registered players across all platforms. To celebrate the ever-growing Siege community, Ubisoft will debut "Another Mindset," a documentary that highlights Siege's role in forming bonds that transcend gaming.

06/13/201802:00 PM

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[2018-06-12] Sledge Danger & Spetznaz Woodland - HEADER/THUMBNAIL

New Bundles coming to Rainbow Six Siege - June 12th, 2018

Sledge Danger Zone Bundle and Russian Taiga Bundle are coming to Rainbow Six Siege this week!

06/12/201810:00 AM

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