[2017-11-17] Pro League Header for LAN Preview

Season 3 LAN Preview

11/17/2017 04:00 PM

It has been a spectacular year for the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League. Starting off with the incredible Invitational in February, to the two LAN finals in Katowice and Cologne, we have seen some stunning play at the highest level of Rainbow Six: Siege.

For the first time, we have also seen the participation of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in the regular Pro League season. With little experience playing against the APAC META, we could see an upset from the nascent APAC region.

The stakes are even higher this Season as the Finals are being held in São Paulo, Brazil, with a local crowd that is incredibly passionate about the game. Expect the venue to be packed and the screams and cheers of the local fans to fill the air on the 18th and 19th of November.

Let us have a look at some short previews of the four Quarter-Final matches we’re going to be seeing on the first day.

QF 1: eiNs.gg vs Team Fontt

The first game will be between the debutants eiNs.gg and juggernauts Team Fontt. Both feature fast-paced, aggressive gameplay that will be extremely entertaining for everyone. Fontt will be looking to build upon the raucous home support and secure the first semi-final spot.

On the other hand, eiNs will be counting on their APAC LAN experience and will look to take the fight to Fontt right away. The Japanese side will be giving it their best to bring glory to their region with a win against the more experienced home team.

QF 2: PENTA Sports vs Mantis FPS

The next matchup is between defending champions PENTA and the other APAC team, Mantis FPS. The year so far has firmly been PENTA Sports’ time to shine, as they have won both previous Pro League titles in dominant fashion, and this season has been no different so far.

Newcomers Mantis, however, have a hard task thrown at them from the start – beating PENTA. Do not underestimate the Korean team, though, for the second seed from APAC will be looking to give the best possible account of themselves against these titans, so as to make their region and all their supporters proud.

QF 3: Evil Geniuses vs ENCE Esports

Following that, we will see the resurgent Evil Geniuses squad take on the Finnish contingent from ENCE, a matchup that you will have to watch. Evil Geniuses’ roster is no stranger to winning LAN events, and they will be looking to use all that experience in what is to be a tight matchup.

With their previous track record, though, ENCE has an uphill battle. They will need to play their style of gameplay to overcome the North American side’s momentum and bolstered spirits after the Evil Genius acquisition.

QF 4: Black Dragons e-Sports vs 1nfamy

Finally, we will see the other Brazilian side Black Dragons take on LAN newcomers 1nfamy from North America. The latter will be relying on their captain Easilyy to guide them through, him being the only player with LAN experience on his side.

Black Dragons will be in high spirits, though, having beat Team Fontt just 2 weeks ago, and with the cheers of the home crowd spurring them on. After the organisation reached the finals in Y2S1, they will be looking to do so once more, but this time also win it – a feat their supporters will no doubt go crazy about.

Do be sure to tune in on the 18th and 19th of November, for this LAN is going to be sensational. You can tune in here: https://www.twitch.tv/rainbow6.


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