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07/11/2018 12:00 PM

We would like to introduce a community spotlight on content creators, called “Declassified”. Each article will focus on content creators, cosplayers, and artists.

It’s been over 2 years since we launched Rainbow Six Siege, and since then a huge and diverse community with lots of talented people has formed around it. We are creating this series of articles focusing on creative fans as a thank you to their hard work.

We want to honor these amazing creators and creations that are shared with the dev team every day.

In the Declassified articles , we will interview one Community member, share some of the most recent Cosplays and Fan Arts, and update you on future plans for the community.

Our first highlighted Community member is @_notDoc, an Atlanta-based Cosplayer.

Picture credit: Edge Portraiture

Hello notdoc and thank you to agreeing to this interview! Tell us! What got you into cosplaying and when did you start?

_notdoc: I first got into cosplaying a decade ago. Some friends of mine were going to Anime Weekend Atlanta and we thought it would be fun to try and dress up for the convention. I got hooked enough that I dove headlong down the rabbit hole and went all the way to joining the 501st Legion shortly thereafter!

What is the best part about cosplaying Rainbow Six Siege?

notdoc: For me, it's the community. On the whole, everyone who my friends and I meet are fantastic and super enthusiastic about both the game and fellow fans of the game. Going to Invitational this year, I got to meet a bunch of fellow cosplayers and it felt like catching up with old friends instead of meeting them for the first time.

Tell us what is different about Rainbow Six Siege.

notdoc: I love how much of a chess match Siege is. The fact that each operator brings different things to the table, that you don't necessarily know what the other team will field (and having to try to out think them as a result) I relate to a lot. Reminds me of the times my dad and I would each be playing a chess game against my grandfather at the same time: he'd still beat both of us!

Picture credit: Edge Portraiture

Do you plan to do any more Rainbow Six Siege Cosplays? Anything you can reveal already?

notdoc: I have some big plans now that Doc is most of the way complete. For silliness I'm going to do a Doc 2.0 which may or may not include him running around pirate style with all the stim pistols strapped to his chest! Lesion is my next big project though. I am so excited to work on him as my family is all from the Hong Kong area too, which is another thing I love about the game: the diversity of the Operators. I've been working on translating all of his voice lines into both Cantonese and Toisanese for extra authenticity!

Thank you very much for the opportunity to talk to you. Keep up the great work! We can't wait to see more!

Anjuser is a Cosplayer from Spain, but his Blitz-Cosplay is so impressive, he might be getting the german citizenship anyway!

There's no reason to deny it. Narine_Fox 's Caveira Cos is giving us chills.

Pulse or _notpulse?

Cats are always a big hit on the internet. Shurueder's cat versions of Vigil and Dokkaebi are no exception!

This amazing portrait of Ash in her Elite outfit was uploaded by QuarterTurnComics and we think it's really beautiful!

Dulcamarra has created a lot of different comics about Doc's adventures, but this drawing is one of our favorites. Thank you for your protection, Mute.


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You can also use that Hashtag to send us your submissions for the next report!

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