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Rainbow Six Siege at E3

06/04/2018 12:00 PM

We will have 10 pods set up at the Ubisoft Booth, all of them loaded up with Operation Para Bellum, and a chance to face off against a team of Devs from 4-6pm each day! For anyone that plays a match at the booth, there is a Charm Pack waiting for you.

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If you are attending the event with your squad, show up at the booth between 4-6pm PDT with a full team to play against our Devs. Any team that is able to beat us will receive a Chibi Figurine for each player. They have been practicing together for the last month, so we recommend you start practicing too!

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There will also be show matches each day for those of you who are interested in seeing our Devs play against some of our Rainbow Six live streamers. These matches will feature our squad of 5 Devs, facing off against MacieJay, Punjistick, Lil_Lexi, Renee, and Zironic. You will be able to watch them fight it out, in person, on our brand new map, Villa.

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