Pro League Season 7: Team Liquid makes history in Atlantic City

Pro League Season 7: Team Liquid makes history in Atlantic City!

05/21/2018 12:00 PM

After one of the closest LAN events in Rainbow Six history, Team Liquid were crowned Season 7 Pro League Champions, bringing the title to the Latin America region!

PENTA Sports’ first matchup was a rematch of the Six Invitational final and once more the European team beat Evil Geniuses in a close match ending 2-1. They were the first team to move on to the grand final, after defeating North American crowd favorite, Rogue, taking the game to three maps. Their opponents in the grand final battled through a close semifinal, heading into a tense overtime on the final map. Team Liquid managed to beat Millenium, trading maps before going the distance on Border to finally take the win. In their first match, Liquid managed to beat the Australian team Fnatic, in what was the only match of the weekend to end 2-0.

PENTA easily took the first map of the final, starting things off with a four round streak, with Kantoraketti (Juhani Toivonen) racking up 10 kills and no deaths in those opening rounds. Liquid managed to pull one round back, but PENTA swiftly ended the map 5-1 soon after. Map two was much closer. Liquid managed to take the game to match point, but a strong use of the new tactical timeout kept PENTA in the running. PENTA then won three maps in a row to force overtime. On the 11th round Liquid quickly took down PENTA, forcing the third map: Consulate.  PENTA may have taken the first round but it was Liquid who dominated this map, winning 5-1 to become the first ever Latin American champions.

This win is significant, not only because Team Liquid became the first team from Latin America to take home the title of Pro League Champion, but because it also marks the first Grand Final loss PENTA has ever had. Congratulations to ziG, Neskwga, Yuuk, xS3xyCake, and Bullet1 from Team Liquid on their Pro League Championship title.

We have an exciting year of Siege still to come. Our next competitive event will be at DreamHack Austin taking place June 1-3, closely followed by DreamHack Valencia on July 13-15 and the Six Major in Paris on August 13-19. Thanks to all of our partners, the players, and of course our fans for an amazing event, and we’ll see you in Austin!   

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