[2018-06-13] Rainbow6 - E3 Recap


06/13/2018 02:00 PM

Rainbow Six Siege has officially surpassed 35 million registered players across all platforms. To celebrate the ever-growing Siege community, Ubisoft will debut "Another Mindset," a documentary that highlights Siege's role in forming bonds that transcend gaming.

Exploring the lives and stories of some of the community's best-known and most dedicated fans, "Another Mindset" will premiere at the first annual Six Major esports competition in Paris beginning August 17. Tune into to www.twitch.tv/rainbow6 to watch the competition, and the documentary, live. And for more on Rainbow Six Siege, including the newly released Operation Para Bellum, check out our previous coverage.

To learn more about the documentary and its key players that make R6S thriving community and growing esports scene, visit the Rainbow 6 Another Mindset Page.

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